Little Monsieur has tea at The Wolseley

After months when I thought we'd gotten stuck on the NO button, lately Little Monsieur has been behaving quite well and so I have decided it's time he moved up from our usual neighbourhood haunts into the bigger, more elegant (read, less tolerant of toddler tantrums) league.

The other day, my parents were visiting with us from Morocco and I thought a nice end to our week-end would be to go out for tea at The Wolseley on Sunday afternoon.

We obviously arrived well equipped to ensure our potential havoc-thrower stayed calm for the duration of our tea, with his little cars, a book (The Tiger Who Came For Tea, very aptly...) and we ordered him one of his favourite snacks to complement the sandwiches and scones he shared with me: a croque-monsieur, bien sur!

We sat on one of the balconies, a first for me, and I found it very nice and less noisy than the main hall, whilst we still had full view of the restaurant's bustling floor, in fact I recommend it!

As always our champagne tea was delicious and service was attentive and quick despite our slightly more remote table, and  Little Monsieur had a blast. If you have a London visit planned, be sure to book well in advance as The Wolseley gets booked up weeks, sometimes months, in advance!

The Wolseley
160 Piccadilly
London W1
0 207 499 6996


Coulda shoulda woulda said...

I might be too late for giveaway?? Oh well - serves me right for putting it on my to do list.

PS I know it is harder with a toddler but my husband and I never book and we always go first thing in the morning. I like it up there but only for dinner due to the noise but I like the side rooms.

LittleS said...

No, definitely until this evening to comment on the blog post of the giveaway if you haven't yet. I'll do the draw tomorrow!

In the am there is so much to do I haven't done a Wolseley b'fast in years, I miss it!