Party season prep: My fabulous book clutch

When I first saw the Olympia Le-Tan book clutches, I thought what a brilliant idea: a clutch that combines two of my obsessions, literature and accessorizing, in a perfect handmade little box, purrrr. And, that, my friends, is when I saw the prices. Ahem, with all the fashion obsessing in the world, nothing justifies me spending upwards of £1,000 on a tiny clutch that gets only a couple of outings. So I passed.

And then, wandering on Etsy a few weeks ago, I found a US-based seller offering book clutches for a fraction of the price. I contacted her and asked if she would make for me my perfect Christmas clutch: a black, red and gold Anna Karenina version inspired by the Modern Library Book looks. It did take a little while longer than I'd originally anticipated, but after a few weeks of waiting I received this beautifully hand embroidered clutch. 

I adore the Anna Karenina story, it brings images of snow and Russian parties and passionate encounters. All I want to think about in the run-up to the holidays! The clutch arrived looking so pretty and perfect, I think I'm going to use it next week for a client dinner.

The good news? You can order the exact same clutch here, as the seller has decided to keep my design in her collection: Anna Karenina book clutch on Etsy


Tabitha said...

That is wonderful, looking forward to seeing you carry it and the outfit it conjures up.

Scottish Girl said...

Great clutch and glad to see you back. More posts please!

LittleS said...

Thank you ladies. @Scottish Girl I promise I will try to post more, but lately I've not really been myself.

Scottish Girl said...

Take good care of yourself please, we all look forward to your posts but I'm sure I speak for all - we would rather you are in good health and spirits.