Party season prep: My most festive manicure yet!

Things get busy in the run-up to Christmas, everyone knows that... there are parties, gift buying (online is best is my 2013 moto, saves so much stress), wrapping up projects at work, fitting in gym sessions to shed off  a few of  those delicious but impossibly rich canapes etc. The list goes on. But no matter how busy I get each December, I always ensure I book myself for a nice manicure.

Sometimes I only have time for one mani to cover both the parties and our year-end ski trip, which means I try and go for something that will grow well, like a classic French, but this year I have time to redo my nails just post Christmas and before Courchevel, so I thought I'd indulge my inner diva and go all out with my festive nails!

The above design was realised by the lovely Metta of Nail By Mets in the comfort  of my own home, one evening after work. It's an oxblood ombre (three gel polish colours were applied to get the perfect shading!) topped with three different types of glitter. I thought this design up and my manicurist come golden fairy delivered exactly what I had in mind. Ta-dah! My nails match my gold baubles!

Do get in touch with Metta for some fabulous nail art, I see her every few weeks when I'm itching for a manicure that's a little more interesting, and a tiny bit more current than the classic one colour gel.

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