Wednesday: winter whites and blues for a very tiring day

Let's face it.... if you are going to have a bad day at work, well, you might as well look good in the process. In my case, I've replaced good with stylish, for I definitely don't look good in these pictures (no, I'm not fishing for compliments...)! Someone commented that my face is extremely easy to read and that my frustration shows easily....which is true and a function of the person that I am deep down: I don't believe in faking it! That being said, maybe I should book myself an appointment to botox my expressions out?! Now, there would be a novel way to take comments on board... Food for thought.

In  the meanwhile, here is a snapshot of today's look. Please do ignore my face... I need a vacation badly, failing that, a full night of sleep uninterrupted by insomnia.

I am in love with this dress. It's by The Fold, and is  made of the loveliest lightest tweed fabric in winter white. It has some lovely chiffon detailing at the neckline and cuffs, and a cool draping. Only one little issue, and to be honest this has more to do with my build rather than the dress's! When I received it it was constructed for someone with about five inches of extra length along the back. It's quite common for me to get both the back and the length of my dresses altered, I guess it comes with the 'petite' territory. Once that was fixed by my trusted seamstress, it became a staple of my AW 2013 work wardrobe.

I think I read somewhere in a magazine that new purchases should work with at least three items in your wardrobe, and this dress is working hard to win its place. I've worn it with black pumps and a grey bag, but also with grey accessories, and today I've tried out blue-grey and navy. You have to give it to the creators of The Fold, this is a perfect, flawless, office dress. Now if only Santa could deliver to my Christmas tree one of their limited collection tops in time for all the parties, I'd be a happy girl!

Details of my outfit:
- Dress in white tweed, The Fold London
- Navy coat with raised collar, Uniqlo
- Fur-trimmed cashmere shawl, Hayley Menzies
- Navy suede stiletto heels, Gianvito Rossi
- Tote bag, Fauré Le Page

PS: I'm off to Brussels really early tomorrow am so I need to go and get ready  now but I'll do the giveaway draw tomorrow evening, promise!


Unknown said...

to be honest, I do not think your face looks that bad...especially with all your travelling, demanding job, a toddler and house/husband.....
try the Advanced Night Repair from Estèe Lauder. It is said working wonder especially is used overnight. In the morning your face will look fresh and nice :-)

madeco said...

I know this face : I have the same on bad days too ! Don't worry, you look fabulous with this dress. I hope you'll get some rest at Christmas : take care !

Tabitha said...

"that bad" hilarious!
Your face looks wonderful, nerry a line on it!

Scottish Girl said...

I agree with tabitha , you look fabulous as usual!

LittleS said...

Thanks dear friends, I can always count on your comments to cheer me right up!

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