My first Couture Facial at Linda Meredith's salon

Returning to normality from weeks of holiday parties followed by two weeks on the ski slopes can be tricky... of course there are the couple of additional kilograms from all the yummy food (fondue anyone?), but I find that all the excesses tend to take a big toll on the skin as well. For the extra weight, I've resumed my routine at Heartcore, but my skin needed some heavy-duty professional help.

I would usually have resorted to my favourite London spas: Spa NK or Bliss, but this time the damage was such I felt that I needed an extra boost so I decided to try one of Linda Meredith's Haute Couture facials. I had read a lot of articles praising her bespoke approach to skin with  her own devised products, and figured it was time I checked out what all the buzz was about.

The salon is a tiny set of treatment rooms hidden in Knightsbridge's Beauchamp Place, and as soon as I arrived  I discovered this is one very popular place: the salon was filled with clients going in and out of facials, but if I was under any doubt that this was a beloved salon, a mere look at the walls filled with signed pictures of celebrities singing the praises of Linda and her team (I kid you not, almost every  person who's ever walked on a red carpet was up there) told me the ladies were the best in their trade. Time for my treatment!

I was booked for a Haute Couture facial, meaning my facial was going to be tailored to the needs of my skin. Turns out it was congested, and dehydrated,... aka the double whammy of miserable overworked skin. Thankfully, my wonderful therapist knew exactly what to do. Following a facial cleanse, she applied an amazing exfoliating scrub with pineapple and papaya (it smelt of ice cream, yum!), which was helped by a blast of steam. Next step, classic old-school extractions, which is key if you ask me: I am always a bit suspicious of facials which don't include pore squeezing! Then, a glycolic peel to take away any remaining dead skin and nastiness, and finally a gorgeous mask which was massaged in with special movements which sent all the dullness packing. My facial came to an end with a serum and fabulous moisturizer, and soon enough it was time to leave the warm cocoon of the treatment room.

All in, my treatment lasted about 50 minutes from start to finish, and I came out with the usual post-facial glow (a bit of moisturizer shine) but within a couple of hours I had a gorgeous plump and rosy complexion, a 180 degree change from how I looked in the morning. I will be back!

Linda Meredith Health & Beauty Clinic
36 Beauchamp Place
London SW3
0 207 225 2755


Anonymous said...

How much did it cost you?

LittleS said...

Hello, the full price list is on the website, and this particular facial cost 100£.