Tuesday's grey mix, very Chanel-like for my work anniversary

I love a flared dress. It's a very flattering dress for little fashionistas like me who have a little bit extra curves around the hip line... That being said, I would  have never thought that the Alaia-esque knit dresses that French house Sandro has been filling its collections with lately  would have looked good on me. On paper, this looks like recipe for disaster: tight stretch knit around all the - ahem - tricky areas, and some very horizontal-looking rib knit detail across the body. And yet, for some reason, it works... I think?

I think it works because it isn't too tight on me, I sized up...so it gives a stretchy loose look to the silhouette.  I topped it with one of my recent finds from a little boutique on King's Road, a boxy tweed jacket with chain detailing at the pockets, very Chanel for less than £70 in the sale (I'm no recessionista but I love a bargain!) It did provide a great background for my 100% Chanel necklace, I have to admit, and it feels as comfortable as a cardigan, so a great use of £70 if you ask me!

Although this outfit is as comfortable as office wear can ever get (the stilettos have a little platform, my back-seamed tights are by Spanx, and nothing felt too tight or too formal), it looked quite put together, a good thing since my boss decided to pick my team morning meeting, to celebrate my 10-year anniversary where I work... Talk about getting some unwanted attention, right before finishing my cup of coffee! It's a good thing I didn't turn up in one of those outfits that aren't 100% me, that would have been a very very uncomfortable two minutes!

See below some details of my outfit:
- Grey metallic knit dress, Sandro
- Little tweed jacket with chain details, unknown brand (but I'm actively looking for a lookalike!)
- Trapeze bag, CĂ©line at Vestiaire Collective
- Shoes and long necklace, Chanel


Anonymous said...

I love this outfit on you. Everything works so well together.

Coulda shoulda woulda said...

You are on a roll ! Love this color and shaping. It really suits you very well. Plus I love how a real Chanel sautoir can make a Chanel esque jacket look like it is a proper one! I might check those dresses out myself now! X

Fashionmumof40 said...

Elegant and gorgeous..... Love that jacket, great find! X

LittleS said...

Thanks for such lovely comments! xx

Mona P said...

Love the whole look, especially jacket and necklace! Gorgeous! Also congratulations on your 10-year work anniversary, that is a big milestone!

Anonymous said...

lovely outfit…niti.

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