Monday's online shopping... Ski wear

Next week, we're off to our usual ski haunt, Courchevel 1850. I know I can't convince Hubby Dearest (or myself for that matter) that I need a full new ski outfit... after all my Moncler jacket is not even two years old. But nothing precludes me from looking, right?

Also I had to stock up on a couple of accessories and a new ski jumper is always good to have. So, here is my 2014 ski wear edit. As always, monochrome works best, and no bling-bling please... Fur, is, as ever, almost compulsory!

Shopping details below:
- Fur-trim down jacket, Moncler
- Ivory Fair Isle wool and cashmere jumper, J.Crew
- Ski goggles, Oakley
- Soft-shell ski trousers with braces, Armani EA7
- Fox fur snow boots, Fendi
- Graphite ski helmet, Smith Sequel
- Ski gloves, Barts


Longuette said...

oh that jacket......

Tabitha said...

Bizarre, I just popped by to make sure you were ok, I haven't been getting your updates, boo hoo.

LittleS said...

Hi Tabitha... things are a bit beyond hectic, but I'll be posting again from tonight! xxx

Anonymous said...

Hooray you're back! Have missed your blog… JaneS xx