Friday's fashion obsession: Pointed toe flats

Fashion-wise, I've developed into a little creature of obsessions. I mull over an idea or an item for a while, weeks or months sometimes, and then depending on how obsessed I've become I pull the Order Now trigger, or not.

In preparation for Spring, I've been thinking of finding a new favourite pair of everyday flats... I'm particularly fond of pointed toes, even though they don't appear the least bit comfortable, especially for my ballet-destroyed toes. That said, they look unbelievably pretty, and sometimes, well a girl has to choose beauty over comfort. Right?

Then there is the question of the legs... see my legs are far from stick-thin. And I find that pointed toe shoes look their best when there are super long legs sticking out on top, alas my gene pool was never going to warrant me some 'up to the armpit' legs, so I'm either going to skulk in a corner or I'm going to bite the bullet and try gorgeous pointed toe flats on not so perfect pins. Knowing me, I think I'll opt for the latter: life's too short to be overly self-conscious.

Here's my selection, will you help me pick?

Clockwise from top left:
- Rockstud leopard-print calf hair flats, Valentino
- Denim embellished flats, Miu Miu
- Metallic patent flats, Gianvito Rossi
- Sandra (how aptly named...) patent flats, Rupert Sanderson
- Alina orange patent flats, Jimmy Choo


Cg said...

My heart goes to Alina. I should not habe read this post...

Julian.F said...

Rupert Sanderson - Sandra. All the way. Their simplicity make them that the more stylish and much easier to wear on and off duty. I can totally see them with cigarette trousers and a chic jacket to the office or with capri/ankle length casual trousers or jeans off duty. Very cute.

Personally, I think key with this model of shoe is the "toe cleavage" - if they are too deeply cut and there is too much toe cleavage showing, they could be much less flattering, making feet look wider as the shoe then tapers off to a point whereas the proper rise could help elongate the foot some.

LittleS said...

Thanks for your comments ladies!

@Julian F. you're so right about toe cleavage, sadly my feet are a bit destroyed by far too many years on pointe shoes, so it's hard to find pieces which are flattering and cute. xx

Tabitha said...

I've always loved pointed toe flats, I think they make my legs look much longer - I'm only 5 ft 3 ish.
I'm no use I love them all!

Vava said...

I'm new to your blog and love it! I think I'd go for the Miu Miu flats first, then the Jimmy Choo secondly, and then the Rupert Sandersons. :-) (I love the Valentinos but think the rock studs are featured better with the patent versions.)

LittleS said...

Hi Vava!! Welcome! I'm like you, finding it very very difficult to resist. xxx