I guess it's time for a little closet clear-out...

Every once in a while, I have to face reality: even though I am lucky enough to have quite a sizeable walk-in closet, there are times when I just tend to over-stuff it. Take the recent months, for some reason I've been really keen on new bags, shoes, and jackets, so of course I'm starting to feel a little cramped for comfort... The problem is,when it comes to getting dressed quickly and somewhat stylishly in the morning, I've found that the secret for me to have all of my pieces in plain sight: if I have to look for something, I end up forgetting about it and never wearing it.

So, I'm taking the fashionista hoarder that I can be (at times only, of course... ahem) by the horns and I'm starting a little Spring clean. It usually means dividing items I don't wear into three piles:
- The utter-rubbish-why-did-I-buy-this pile, which ends up in the charity clothes bin on New King's Road;
- The nice pile which doesn't have any resale value, which I usually give to my nanny to sort and choose whatever she wants from before merging it with Pile 1 above;
- The resale-ables, ie any good condition designer piece which can fetch £100 or more in a closet sale.

I've put up photo albums of some of  resale-ables on  my Facebook page, but there's loads more, so if there's a piece you saw me with which you'd like to have, let me know by email, you never know it might be one of those pieces I'm ready to move on from... it's the Spring clean sale!

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