Lazy Sunday brunch at Tom's Kitchen Chelsea

Brunch spots abound in London these days, so whenever we want a change of scenery from our usual Sunday breakfast of brioches and strong homemade coffee, we're spoiled for choice: from French delicacies in South Ken's Aubaine, to the cool ambiance in Notting Hill's Electric Brasserie, it's difficult to get bored. One of the easiest options for us is to hop over to Chelsea's Cale Street, where the first outpost of Tom's Kitchen serves one of the yummiest brunches around.

This is a great local to have, mixing young families, yuppy couples, and the odd table of gossiping fashionistas. Upstairs is lighter, thanks to the large windows on each  side of the room, but downstairs has an  open kitchen and a large table which encourages people to chit chat.

I love the eggs here... they are unbelievably tasty! Pity I wolfed  my Benedicts before taking a picture of the gloriously orangey yolks, they were too delicious to resist. Little Monsieur got a special treat in the form of a blueberry pancake accompanied with a banana milkshake, but he showed restraint by refusing any maple syrup...

The only let-down today was the service: part of our order got forgotten, our food arrived at different times, and I had to walk over to get the card machine after waiting a little too long for someone to remember I wanted to pay. Thankfully, they recognised that they were understaffed and graciously waived the service charge as  well as Little Monsieur's milkshake. We'll be coming back regardless, the food is far too lovely to miss on!

Tom's Kitchen Chelsea
27 Cale Street
London SW3
0 207 349 0202


Longuette said...

brunch, something that does not belong to my culture but I love! SOme places are starting to get themselves organised in this way but it's a poor attempt.
That's reminds me that I miss the UK so much (been there living for 3 years in Oxford).
at lunch break I'll check some flights....
ciao bella!

LittleS said...

Longuette, come for Spring! Spring is so beautiful in London. xxx