Meet me at the barre: Paola's BodyBarre studio

If you've read some of my other exercise posts, you probably know that I'm no work-out addict, but I love my barre and pilates classes at Heartcore. Classes are exactly my kind of work-out, it's efficient, you feel some peer pressure, and it's easier to follow instructions rather than run aimlessly on a threamill, much like a little hamster on a wheel.

Still, after over two years of  loyalty to Heartcore, I wanted to shake things up a bit, and add something different. Enter Paola Di Lanzo, the mastermind behind Paola's BodyBarre studio, just off Fulham Road, a mere minutes from my Parsons Green stomping ground.

There are quite a few types of barre classes to pick from, as well as TRX and Pilates. So far, my favourite has been BodyBarre Fierce with the lovely Tracy: it's punchy and fun and I don't see the hour go by, even though I'm sweating like a little piglet (which is, let's remember, the whole purpose of working out... so a good thing). I've not yet tried a class with Paola, as unfortunately an unexpected health scare got in the way of my usual routine these last few days, but I intend to be back on my feet ASAP!

The studio is beautiful, in muted shades of grey with bright pink and purple accents, and the light pours down from the ceiling windows. It's super easy to get to, and parking outside is a dream, compared to the somewhat more challenging streets in Chelsea...

You can find out more on: Paola's BodyBarre

Paola's BodyBarre Studio
70 Rosaline Road
London SW6


Mona P said...

Sandra, can you recommend any Yoga/Pilates classes for pregnant women, who also happen to be beginners? :p Would really appreciate any help, thanks!!

LittleS said...

Hi Mona, sorry for the late reply. PBB offers pregnancy pilates, but a very convenient way to do it is have someone from JELLY BELLY come to your house for special pilates classes, I wrote a post about this a while ago. They are really good. Hope you're feeling well. xxx

Mona P said...

Thank you, Sandra! Will definitely look into both options!