The wedding special, 2014 edition (1): Pretty pastels

By now, the wedding invites have been sitting on the mantel for a while now, and some of the dates are getting very close for comfort, especially if, like me, you've been too busy with work and other commitments to think about fashion. Lately life has been all about debut issuers, documentation hurdles, and roadshows... fun fun fun. Ahem.

Thankfully, the May Day long week-end is here, so I have time to not only think about outfits, but also to blog about it. This year's trends incorporate a lot of floral prints, pastels, lace and overall prettiness, which are all perfect for a religious wedding ceremony or cocktails. For a super formal affair, add a hat and a summer coat, although these days most weddings will have a dress code which doesn't require such strung-up etiquette.

If you are taking children along, maybe this is not the best trend to opt for, though the French Connection dress below will easily camouflage grass stains and the odd vanilla ice cream pint-sized finger print. And the Dolce & Gabbana chain bag is a far better choice than a normal clutch, as it leaves both hands free. Remember, kids get bored from sitting around for hours on end so maybe sit at the end of the church so they can wander out (supervised by your no doubt bound-to-be bored better half, after all not everyone gets enthralled by chantilly lace ruffles, emotional vows and other intricate flower arrangements!).

- Gorgeous apple green sheer layers dress, French Connection
- Mint green clutch, Jimmy Choo
- Metallic strappy heels, J.Crew
- Pink slingback heels, Gianvito Rossi
- Fabulous pink lace dress, Valentino
- Envelope clutch, Givenchy
- Straw hat with plumetis veil, Siggi at Harrrods
- Cross-body bag, Dolce & Gabbana
- Oh-so pretty almond blossom print dress, Dolce & Gabbana
- Nude ankle-strap sandals, Dune


Mary said...

I am not usually a pink person but the lace Valentino dress is gorgeous.

Pam said...

Beautiful, beautiful! Glad to see you back!


LittleS said...

Thanks Pam! xxx
@Mary, I am not too fond of pink either, but this dress is just dreamy.