The wedding special, 2014 edition (2): Gorgeous, yet child-proof

The other day, one of my lovely readers reached out, and asked if I could incorporate in my wedding special some outfits that would work when you take your children along... I figured that it was a great idea: let's face it, not all of us live the luxurious lifestyle of the ultimate trophy wife, complete with 24/7 travelling, face wiping and non-sleeping nanny. Plus, isn't the world a thousand times more fun when children are allowed at weddings? I for one take Little Monsieur along anytime I have a chance, except when we have to travel too far for a short period, then I spare him the hassle and call my ever loyal parents to the rescue, all the way from Casablanca.

That being said, it's not easy going to formal events with little ones... unless you're the one in a million lucky (and impossibly smug) mom whose offspring eats everything and sits prettily at the table for hours on end, the odds are, yours is more like mine, ie an all running, all singing, mini circus on the road. Which means, instead of sitting prettily yourself, you'll be running around, keeping them entertained and fed, visiting the bathroom, etc.

So, in summary, you'll need a little destruction tsunami proof outfit. But that doesn't mean you have to show up to a big society do wearing shorts and some blah top, as I once was told one of our friends' wife did. The perfect child-proof wedding outfit is one that doesn't flash your Hanky Panky or your Spanx when you crouch to retrieve the fallen cuddly bear, maybe one that tucks in your mummy tummy (not all of us have a dietary chef on call, or a surgeon): a jumpsuit is perfect for both, so long as you don't pick one that ressembles a babygro. The Vivienne Westwood dress in crinkled taffeta below is also amazing, it is already crinkled so no amount of tugging by your toddler will make it look out of sorts!

How about an outfit that flatters a pregnant tummy? See, going to weddings a bit pregnant is also one of those tricky moments, when your 4-5 month pregnancy just translates into a bigger cup (great..) and a cheeseburger with beer belly (not so great); I love the light blue dress from DAY below for that, the draping works wonders for a slightly expanding silhouette.

Whatever happens, don't compromise on the accessories, high heels transform any shape into va-va-voom, and a gorgeous clutch is always a good conversation starter. Make your significant other carry a large LLBean tote for all your little ones essentials, or better still, hook it to the baby stroller.

- Navy chiffon jumpsuit, Max Mara Elegante
- Boussole clutch-bag with wrist strap, Olympia Le-Tan
- Blue high-heel sandals, Dune
- Navy knotted sandals, Charlotte Olympia
- Draped silk dress, DAY Birger et Mikkelsen
- Blue print clutch, ASOS
- Navy linen clutch with elephant clasp, Wilbur & Gussie
- Silver crinkled taffeta dress, Vivienne Westwood Anglomania
- Silver and crystals strappy sandals, Miss KG

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