A month of delicious dieting... hello there Pure Package!

Dieting... urgh... Alas, after the comfortable months of Winter, a few too many client lunches, a little health glitch which meant I overindulged a bit to make me feel better, and just one too many chocolate-coated rice cakes, well it's either that or embrace a burkini for Summer. So, here's a thought for you bikini designers out there: instead of focusing on a cool design or a great print,  how about a material that makes everyone look two sizes slimmer... now that would be novel.

Whilst we wait for this wonderful innovation, well Spring will still mean diet, for a lot of us not blessed with an impossibly quick metabolism. And, for those of us who juggle weekly travel, children, endless work hours, etc etc, there's the added complication of finding a practical diet which works. And, I just happened to have stumbled upon it, it seems.

Pure Package is a London-based diet delivery service which offers no less than 9 diet options to choose from, including a fabulous Mommy and Baby one for breast-feeding mammas, all delivered to your door (or, in my case, that of my office!) in a super cute ice bag, perfectly packaged for a full day of delicious meals and snacks which feel, frankly, nothing like a diet.

It begins with ordering online, then agreeing via email what works for you and what doesn't (no papaya for me, thank you very much...), then your little packs start arriving at the crack of dawn, day after day, and the most surprising is first how yummy and colourful each plate/box looks, but then also how filling the diet is.

There is the possibility to adjust portions a few days into the programme, I opt for less dinner, more breakfast, which I often eat in front of my Bloomberg screen. My menus include the coolest salads (never thought I'd write this,and I like salads as much as the next woman), yummy Muesli creations, spelt pasta which I actually enjoy munching on, and snacks like fruit and nuts and the odd no flour choccie brownie which keep me going all day.

I took it on trips (that was surprising: as long as your food is not liquid and is in a clear pack then airport security won't bat an eyelid at it whilst the tiniest lipstick is cause for some serious terrorist-defeating body search, ha ha), it allowed me to say no to Hubby Dearest's delicious bolognese without even feeling left out! It's not cheap but the programme delivers ALL the food you'll need for a day, no need to order sushi or pop down for some salad from Pret. Super practical for the impossibly busy ladder climbers and swomped mummies alike!

Before I finish, one word on... results, obviously. After just over three weeks on the programme, I dropped a dress size within a few weeks, and I'm back to my comfortable self, wearing my favourite trousers and dresses without feeling a pinch around my waistline. Who knows, I might do another little spell before going off to Brittany in the Summer.

Find out more: http://www.purepackage.com/, from £35.95 a day for three meals and two snacks.


Anonymous said...

Hi Little S!
Are you ok? you ve been really not blogging a lot the last couple of months. Give your blog follower some news!

Alexandra Petersen said...

I have been lost in your blog for the last few hours. I was you about 15 years ago,. Reading it made me nostalgic, but also a little sad. I missed the baby stage and had a team of staff to make life work. Ironically the kids start to need you more when their life gets more serious. I stopped work 4 years ago and divide my time between the Cotswolds and Chelsea. Going to the gym, cooking fresh food and just hanging out is no longer a guilty pleasure! I can't wait to read more posts Ax

LittleS said...

Hi ladies, thanks for your comments! Lately life has been very hectic, hence the lack of posts... but I'm well. Just trying to give whatever free time I have to my family and to well-needed rest. Work has been crazy!

Alexandra, welcome! So glad to hear there is a life after hectic!