Wednesday's beauty essential: Sisley Global Perfect Pore Minimizer

After over ten years in my job, I have become extremely used to travelling for work... I have a pre-packed plastic toiletries bag filled with 100ml mini sizes of my key products, my adorable assistant knows which ones are my favourite seats on flights and on the Eurostar, and I even have a list of preferred airports. Still, this doesn't make it better. I still hate travelling for work. It kills my sleep schedule, I miss my son's bedtimes more often than not, and my ankles always look a bit bloated due to all the flying. 

All that being said, there is at least one perk in all these trips. I'm not talking about air miles... that's nice, of course. But no, one thing that is quite neat about all the travelling is that I get to spend a fair share of time walking through duty free shops (have you noticed how it's now compulsory to walk through duty free to get to any gate, there's no other way!). And sometimes my flights are late, so I walk a bit leisurely, and, once in a while, I discover a little gem.

On one of my Spring trips to Lisbon, I stopped by the Sisley shelf and decided to test their Pore Minimizer, seeing as I'd heard about it in some many magazines. One thing I hate about most pore and skin perfecting products I've tried so far is that they feel full of silicone and don't really get absorbed, instead sitting on the skin like a slimy film. Also most come in a tube so you have to squeeze it into your hand before application. 

What I like about Sisley's product is that it comes in a pump which means the product stays safe from bacteria until it's all used up, and it dispenses just enough in one dose for a full face application. Of course if you need more coverage nothing stops you from going for two pumps, but given the ahem slightly elevated cost of just one little bottle of this product, I prefer to use it sparingly. One pump delivers a bit of nude cream with the typical Sisley herbal scent, and the product gets absorbed really nicely, leaving the skin jut smooth enough to look perfected, a bit like soft-skin blur on photoshop, but not as artificial. Pores are definitely smaller, and wrinkles are smoother. I like to use it under make-up during the week and alone over SPF during the week-end. I find my skin doesn't need much in terms of topper product after this. 

Downsides? Not much honestly, just the price... but I guess all good things in life etc. etc. Check it out: Global Perfect Pore Minimizer by Sisley, approx. £120


Evie said...

How is the consistency of the cream? Is it thick?

LittleS said...

It's mid-way between a serum and a cream, so perfect to put under foundation or powder. It absorbs really well as well. xx