Tuesday: White with a splash of blood orange

It's the middle of August... and I'm still office-bound (when not flying to see clients!) until Friday. Urghh... Waking up in the morning is unusually difficult right now for some reason, and getting dressed, well, let's just say it's very tempting to just rock up to my desk in my night-gown. So, I'll forgive you if you comment that this dress is pretty close to one. Because that's exactly one of the reasons I picked it! There, I said it, I love comfort,  and some days it's ok if that comes in the form of  a drop waist dress which doesn't really highlight any of my good features.

The other reason I loved this dress is because I saw a picture somewhere of a Victoria by Victoria Beckham dress in blue textured fabric with the simplest drop waist and cap sleeves shape, but I didn't really like the darker stripe at the hem. Or the price... (before you comment that I own a couple of Victoria by VB dresses so clearly I don't mind their price, I don't mind when the structure and fabric warrant a superior quality and when such quality comes discounted courtesy of TheOutnet, here we're just talking about a very slouchy summer dress). Enter ASOS and its marvelous stylists... ta-dah! Super easy to wear drop-waist, check! Textured light-weight fabric, check! Summery colour, check again!

You have to admit that this outfit does come with some pretty punchy redeeming features once you go past  the fact that the dress does indeed make me look a bit (ok, a lot) straight and tubby up and down. First, the sandals... I am a bit of a fanatic of Nuit sandals by Hermès, they have a low heel which is great to walk around, and the open cut means that whenever I get swollen feet flying off to Madrid or Athens, these don't feel tight or hard to walk in. I adore them... I have them in taupe and light gold, and whilst most people prefer to confine metallic shoes to evening-wear, well you know I like to break the little boring rules, so I wear mine for day and work. And guess what? Nothing happens when I do... just goes to say it's ok to break the rules sometimes (this doesn't apply to the one about leaving plexi platform sandals out of the office, and if possible out of your shoe collection all together, unless your office is, ahem, a dancing table: this rule is very much written in Vogue lobby marble for all of us fashionistas to abide by).

Then, please can I get a little pat in the back for bringing my Vermillon Trapeze Céline bag out today? It's a pretty fabulous baby that doesn't seem to get a lot of air time on this blog... It's not that I don't love it, it's just that I tend to use it as a popping piece for the less interesting outfits, eg. blue jeans and a white button down. But today I figured it was worth a photo! Definitely one of my favourite bag shapes, together with the Birkin and the Cabat by BV. In fact I think I prefer the Trapeze to the Luggage.

Outfit details:
- My drop waist texture dress is  this one at ASOS (almost sold-out), but this one is near identical and comes in mint and orange as well as white!
- Vermillon trapeze bag, Céline at Vestiaire Collective
- Mid-heel light gold sandals, Nuit by Hermès, these J.Crew ones are close
-  Preppy bangles, J.Crew


Food Fash Fit said...

This dress looks fab - I'd love to get one in orange! You always look lovely! And I do really love that bag too.

Come and visit me at www.foodfashfit.com!

Anonymous said...

I came across your blog while searching for images of trapeze vermillion as I got one last week from VC but I'm not so sure about the colour (it's the bag you provided the link for btw). This colour looks totally fabulous on you and I have doubts whether to part with it :D very pleased I discovered your blog, for sure will be returning. Ilona

pam said...

You look terrific, and I love that bag especially.

Longuette said...

I am now goign to search all of your posts related to your kid and being a mama.
I am pregnant and I love to see what other women are doing/wearing/living :-)

pam said...

Missing you, dear, and looking forward to your 'tastes of fall'...especially as it is still in the 90sF here! Hope you become 'unswamped' soon.


luxury addicted said...

Nice red touch on the white dress it's stuning!