Tuesday's cool tones and culottes for a new take on suiting options

It's almost the end of Summer here in London, but not quite... it's time to go back to the far too long days at the desk followed by the far too short nights in my bed, but also the time to start thinking about new fashion, and my most favourite season of all, Autumn. I have always had a fondness for September, ever since school, it does represent new beginnings and a fresh start, far more than January which is packed with dark days and detox diets... So, I'm busy, exhausted (more on that in a few days...) but delighted with the new season.

Having hit a bit of fashion mess a couple of weeks ago, I'm now trying to pick myself up again and find my fashion for the next few months, something a little more formal than my usual, but still fun and fashion-inspired. This is all in an attempt to fit in with a few more responsibilities, but also to keep my style different.

Today I tried a different take on a suit, with culottes instead of the classic cigarette trousers that usually go with this blazer. I love culottes, it's the best of both worlds between trousers and a  skirt, and though the length probably looks neater on girls blessed with gazelle-worthy pins, I think it is still flattering for the less lucky ones like yours truly.

The only difficulty is that, like A-line skirts, culottes look very messy with longer jackets, so I chose to go for a short lapel-free blazer from Theory, over a silk tee-shirt for that touch of casual that I crave these days. It makes the silhouette a little less bulky, and in my case, well, let's just say I'll take any small amount of "less bulk" I can get!

It's getting a bit chillier in the morning (but turning quite muggy around lunch!) so I'm bringing back the shawls, yeeey!

Outfit details below:
- Navy wool mix blazer, Theory
- Culottes in soft grey crepe, ASOS
- Navy Sac De Jour, Saint Laurent
- Suede pointed toe heels, Gianvito Rossi
- Shawl, a couple of seasons old, Hermès


Evie said...

great transitional outfit! missed your fab outfits. welcome back!

Majara said...

Total chic! Gefällt mir sehr gut :)
Musste aber erst einmal nachschauen was Culottes sind. Dieser Modetrend ist noch nicht bei mir angekommen.

Pam said...

Glad to see you! You look great, although I think I wore my lifetime share of culottes in the 70s. I love autumn, too, and am waiting for it to cool down here!

LittleS said...

Thank you ladies! Majara you must try culottes, it's a great intermediary between trousers and skirt!


Anonymous said...

Wow, you look great! Good to see/read you again, hope you had nice summer.