Monday at the office: when all else fails, grab a fabulous coat!

Yes, I know, I've been a rubbish blogger these last weeks... Mea culpa. Truth is, I'm feeling fat and tired (seriously, my bloating is so bad I can't even say I have cankles anymore!) and it's been hard to enjoy this favourite hobby of mine lately, when all I want is to put my feet  up in front of the latest episode of Scandal. I hope you will forgive me...

In the meanwhile, I've decided I'd make a little effort today and do some pictures for an outfit post... I must write a more complete post about my "pregnancy style" (if we can call it that), but in the meanwhile here is my moto for today: when you're limited to a few black and grey maternity pieces and flat shoe (!), throw a fabulous coat over everything and hope for the best.

I fell in love with this coat months ago... all the lace application detailing over the gorgeous tweed, yum! And, given my sales purchases this season were rather limited, it felt ok to indulge it what will certainly become a treasure piece for years to come.

Of course right now I am wearing this amazing coat with what is quickly becoming my staple pregnancy outfit: black trousers (these are incredibly comfortable even though they are tailored), a ruched side top, and, evidently, flat shoes... I do try to wear my heels a little bit but with my feet now a full size bigger than usual thanks to bloating, it's not easy!!! That said, I'm sure I'll have plenty of opportunities to wear this beauty with some sky-high heels, next year.

Outfit details:
- Lace applique coat, Dolce & Gabbana
- Tailored slim-fit maternity trousers, Seraphine
- Maternity turtleneck top, Isabella Oliver
- Flat studded slingbacks, Christian Louboutin
- Trapeze handbag, Céline at Vestiaire Collective


Majara said...

Schön das du wieder Postest! Ich finde du bist sehr chic. Und hey du bist schwanger da ist man halt ein bisschen dicker aber ist doch nicht schlimm. Du machst das wett weil du eine super stylische Schwangere bist! Freue mich auf weitere Outfitposts :)

Mona P said...

Sandra, congratulations on your pregnancy!! How wonderful!! I love the coat on you, it is truly a classic investment piece! The lace detailing is beautiful!

Thank you so much for a tip on the sizing of Joseph coat! I look forward to reading your next posts!

mary said...

Welcome back. The coat is gorgeous and you look wonderful. You make dressing during pregnancy very chic.

Coulda shoulda woulda said...

Hope you are feeling well though especially during the cold. You still manage to look good tho!

Alexandra Petersen said...

you look fab, but I know what you mean about losing the blogging mojo for a while, and I don't have the excuse that I am hatching a new life!

Evie said...

That coat makes me speechless! Great to see you keeping up with the style. Stay warm, Sandra!


Titti said...

You are an inspiration when it comes to office clothes and I missed your entries in the blogosphere. Your posts motivate me to dress more fun at work. The coat is incredibly stylish and you look so beautiful in it.

LittleS said...

Hi ladies, thanks so much for your lovely comments, I am trying to be a regular poster as I know it's frustrating when a blogger goes MIA... Little baba is making my life a misery lately but since I have now stopped air travel it should be a bit easier. xxx

Charlotte said...

I think you look fabulous. Love the coat, etc. I know exactly what you mean though - I felt the same way in my pregnancies. I hope you're able to put your feet up soon. xxx

Anonymous said...

The coat is fabulous and so you are! You really look great, I wish I would look like this when pregnant.
All the best, stay healthy!

frifri63 said...

Just checking to see how you are doing. I hope you and baby are well? You must be due any time now? Hugs to you and hope to hear from you soon.
Freida xox
PS my daughter is 6 and we are going back to London in a week! Take care, bisous

mary said...

Hope all is going well for you and your family.

Majara said...

Huhu Sandra,
du postest gar nichts mehr und daher hoffe ich es geht dir und dem Baby gut und die Schwangerschaft ist nicht zu anstrengend. Ich vermisse deine Posts :)
Ganz liebe Grüße aus Deutschland