Monday's Mamma uniform for a family day out at Cliveden

An adopted Londoner, I adore the concept of a Bank Holiday... it means that the often ominous Monday suddenly becomes something else altogether, a day out with the family and an opportunity to replay Sunday all over again.

Today, Hubby Dearest took us out of London to the gorgeous Cliveden (I confess, I had never visited, in more than 11 years here...), where we walked around, had brunch, and enjoyed the sunshine and fabulous gardens.

Now, I know just a couple of days ago we all saw a new mom take to Choo heels and a four-digit priced dress to take her newborn baby home just hours after giving birth, so I look like a total slob in my jeans and trainers in comparison, but for me nothing beats practicality when it comes to being around my little ones, especially when we're out and about in a park.

So for me today, no heels, not even wedges... Instead, I wore comfortable trainers and a grass stain proof jacket that I've had for years. Not picture worthy? Maybe... But as you know by now if you've been reading my little blog for a while this is an account of real life, not some fairy tale story or some five minute outfit posts created just to get the picture taken. Plus, the day was too beautiful not to post pictures!

From the light strech in my James Jeans skinnies to the opening in my breastfeeding top, everything in this outfit screams comfort and practicality. I think you'll see me quite often in this type of outfit in the coming weeks, as I enjoy a leave from the office (certainly not a leave from the emails and the calls though, as much as I'd love to get one...), and I hope it won't be too shabby for you!

Back to Cliveden, it is gorgeous, huge, which means even on a busy day like today it didn't feel overcrowded, the Orangerie offers some extremely acceptable food, in fact much better than anything we've had when out in similar parks, and the views are, well, quite unbelievable for somewhere so close to London. I'll definitely be coming back!

Some outfit details:
- Jeans, James Jeans
- Breastfeeding top, Envie De Fraises
- Jacket, Barbour by Anya Hindmarch
- Metallic high-top sneakers, from an old Tory Burch collection, these Balenciaga ones are very close 
- Scarf, Louis Vuitton, this Feather & Stone one is similar
- Bag, Lindy by Hermès
- Monogram discs necklace, Sonya Renee


Charlotte said...

Welcome back and congratulations. I was at Cliveden yesterday with my little girls too. Gorgeous gardens. You look terrific x

Majara said...

Ich finde es ist dein Blog und du kannst zeigen was du magst. Ich lese weiter! Ich finde aber das du leger aber trotzdem chic angezogen bist und es gut kombiniert hast.
Und du hast ja zu der kleinen Madam noch den Großen der mit dir spielen will. Für mich sind das schöne Real Life Bilder!
Liebe Grüße

Alyaka | Perfume Shop UK said...

I love your scarf! Just like you I also enjoy non-working Mondays. :) It is really nice to spend quality time and exploring the outdoors with the family. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to u and ur family...happy to have you back .. You look pretty

Anonymous said...

Hello Sandra, Congratualtion on your little girl! Is this your Bagaboo Pram? Which model is that? It looks very stylish!

LittleS said...

Thank you Greta! This one is the Bugaboo all denim model, from 2010. It was made in cooperation with the RED campaign. xx