Grey and pinks for a layered look

After a long hiatus which was used to focus on juggling motherhood and a busier than expected Summer at work, I finally decided it was time to regain some blogging discipline... First thing I did was look through the old comments to see if any of my long-time readers (now friends, really) had written in to enquire about the drought in posts, and what was my surprise to find a truly mean-spirited comment from a very courageous "Anonymous", commenting on how bad I look and how I should sell my pieces to fund a facial to look better instead of showing off (this is not a joke...). Now, I don't usually give this kind of silliness any more than the one second it takes me to press the spam button, but this time I thought I'd address it.

Dear Anonymous, I am sure that you are both classy and beautiful, especially when six months pregnant and working around the clock; let's not forget also how brave you are for voicing your opinion of my blog in such an open manner... I will just say this: I am in my mid-thirties, I have an actual life which is very busy, a real job and two small children which all keep me awake at night, and I don't use a professional photographer or indeed Photoshop like so many full-time bloggers. My pictures are rough, usually taken in less than five minutes between meetings, and my style is my own, I don't take it too seriously, and I certainly don't give it the importance that you think I do. Given the gazillion websites out there with similar topics as this one, I am surprised you have wasted some of your evidently precious time looking at my posts and forming such an elaborate opinion. I hope you have now found better blog posts to admire somewhere on the Internet, where you are, hopefully, leaving nicer messages.

Now for those of you who actually come here for a bit of reality, please read on... These last few months have been busy, and I did go into work and client meetings much more often than during my first maternity leave, trying to keep the relationships with clients alive and kicking! A few weeks ago I pulled myself out of my jeans and ballerinas at-home uniform to go to Paris, and this is what I wore...

Summer business travel usually means navigating between the sweltering outside and the over-conditioned air of the offices and airplane cabins, hence the layered look works quite well. I wore my low heel rockstud pumps, and you will notice something interesting about them: I cut the top strap! I know some of you will scream at this sacrilege, but really the three buckle straps didn't really work for me with my shorter than average legs, and I wanted to use these more, so cutting the top strap was the solution, really...

Another thing I like about this outfit? The off-white vest. It's the perfect alternative to a suit jacket for Summer days, and it looks quite modern, don't you think? I like that the trend is continuing on for Autumn 2015, I can't wait to find one to wear over fine knits for the new season!

More about this outfit:
- Grey wool tailored trousers, Theory
- Grey silk blouse, Iris & Ink
- White linen mix vest, Mango
- Intrecciato cabat bag, Bottega Veneta
- Rockstud pumps, Valentino


Giedre said...

nice outfit , as always!

Evie said...

So great to see you posting again! I'm glad that work is busy for you, considering the state of the economy in that part of the world.

Nevermind the naysayer(s). There will always be a handful of insecure individuals who choose to put down others to make themselves feel better. In fact, your passion for work, style and life in general inspires me. I can't wait to see what else you have in your style book!


Bodie said...

Welcome back- I've missed you and your lovely outfits! Gosh there are some nasty, jealous people out there (thats what I believe is their real motivation- jealousy).

Hope you have time to post regularly now; I love to see your daily choices, even some of your "at home' ones would be good to see!

I'm impressed that you've even had time to keep your work ticking along!

Louise said...

Welcome back, have been wondering when you would be back. Really enjoy your daily choices. There will always be trolls out there ignore them and know that your regular readers love to see you here.

Titti said...

I have missed you. Welcome back and please let us who think you are a real inspiration se more of you when you have the time.

EPC said...

Gorgeous! Lovely home interior too

Anonymous said...

Liebe Sandra
schön dass du wieder bloggst :) Ich habe dich vermisst!
Ich freue mich auf deine Post

Coulda shoulda woulda said...

I would take no notice of that sort of commenter.

funny because I dont' really follow many fashion/outfit blogs but the reason I like yours is I always wonder how on earth you manage to look well and together with such a busy job and two children in London!! I appreciate that you don't photoshop everything and show things in a real light. Otherwise why would I go to some amateur trying to turn pro blogger with amateur lighting and styling when I could just buy vogue?

I am glad you are back!!

Anonymous said...

Before I started to read your text I wanted to ask what to do to look like you with a toddler and a second one, a pretty young baby...As you see, a point of view may be very different and sick people are everywhere.
You look really well! Plenty of health and family time for you and your family! Isabel

Polaremil said...

Dear S,

Thank you for posting again. You look great!

With your hectic life, it is amazing and inspiring that you find the time to blog. I love your style, and your posts give me ideas for my outfits. Looking forward to plenty of fab fall outfits.

Hugs, Polaremil

Julia said...

It's great you're blogging again! I love your outfit - I just realised I urgently need a white vest!


LittleS said...

Thanks everyone, it's so nice to be back and read such lovely comments, they make me want to post more! xo

madeco said...

Hello !
I'm so delighted to have some news of you ! You look great and you did'nt lost you sense of humour ! Have a nice week end

julia said...

Welcome back. I'm a long time reader and this is my first comment. Pay no heed to the troll. What I appreciate about your blog and what continually draws me back here is how you represent the smart, intelligent, modern and real working woman. Not the over glossy, photoshopped to death plastic dolls. Hold your head high and keep posting. I look forward to more engaging posts. Take care. Julia, Singapore.