A morning at Harrods Moroccan Hammam

I consider myself to be very lucky in life... No just because I have the privilege to live in a vibrant city, or because I have a filling life with a gorgeous family and a job that I enjoy, or because I don't live in one of the far too numerous places where women are constantly threatened and live in fear for their lives and their children's... I do value each and every single one of these blessings, of course, but one of the biggest happinesses in my life is having fantastic friends who are fiercely loyal and know to step in when I need them.

See, I don't consider myself a lots-of-friends kind of person... My close friends are few and far between, but the few I have I would do everything for, and I like to think they would do the same for me.

Recently, just a couple of months after my daughter was born, one of my girlfriends, Little Monsieur's godmother, texted in to check in... I was slightly frazzled and tired at having to juggle a tiny baby, breastfeeding, lack of sleep, and working from home. As if by radar, she guessed I needed a treat, so she promptly booked us in for a morning of treatments at the Harrods Moroccan Hammam.

For the first time since moving to London, I was finally able to enjoy a completely Moroccan hammam treatment, it felt like being back home... only in a far more luxurious setting than the neighbourhood baths my Dada would take me to once every few weeks when I was a small child.

From the luxurious changing rooms to the marble-decked wet rooms, everything here screams luxe, but in a beautiful, almost understated way (I mean this isn't a Balinese spa, by any means... there are copper taps and velvet sofas everywhere, but you get my meaning, this isn't a garish fake-oriental get-up). The marble lattice dividing the open wet areas, creating a private space without stopping conversation with my friend, totally won me over with its beauty.

The treatment is 100% traditional... As soon as we were robed in the fluffiest cotton ever, we moved into the warm resting room, where we sat for a moment, getting used to the temperature whilst chatting away the week (City deals for my friend, baby nappies and conference calls for me...). Then we moved into the wet room, where we were taken by two kessalas who then covered us in black olive oil soap, divinely smelling by the way, not the cheap kind... This was left to sit on the steaming skin for a short while, then brushed off with a kessa glove to exfoliate the skin until it was left gleaming (and slightly pink, but that's a temporary effect...!)

Once all the dead cells were washed away with some warm water, we went off to the relaxation room (home of the super plush velvet sofas), where we had tea, dried fruit, nuts and cue more chatter. Soon enough it was time for our follow-on treatments, a massage for my friend and a facial for me.

It was by far one of my favourite Saturday mornings in the last months. I will be back! A., if you're reading this, thank you again, you are a true friend and knew exactly what was needed, I can't say how grateful I am.

Find out more about the Harrods Moroccan Hammam here: Urban Retreat Moroccan Hammam at Harrods.

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Pam said...

Sounds heavenly! What a wonderful friend.