Mixing it up with sailor stripes and red patent stilettos

I'll admit, I'm having a culottes moment. I know this is very 1970s of me, but I love the practical elegance of a skirt-trousers hybrid, it's just so easy to wear. At first I was a bit daunted by the midi length, and maybe some will find I look a bit short in them, but I actually like it, again I find it easy.

Last week I debuted these cream culottes, a find from the Massimo Dutti shop at Barcelona Airport. They are a nice heavy wool-rich material, which makes them perfect for the colder weather we've been having. Cream makes them look a bit sophisticated, but this is a hard colour to maintain: they had to go straight to the dry-cleaners after just one wear, thanks to a tiny speck of coffee I spilled whilst reading the morning news online... (or maybe I'm just clumsy).

Not only is cream not the easiest colour, it is also not particularly slimming... but I love how it provides a perfectly versatile canvas for many different colours. Last week I tried it with quite a Gallic mix of sailor stripes and the brightest cherry patent heels I could find in my wardrobe. This top is quite ancient, I bought it more than seven years ago, but it's a testament to its quality that it still looks impeccable, whilst other more affordable tops from the same period have long fallen to pieces, proof that some brands have a quality well worth paying for.

The shoes have an interesting story. Last year, in the midst of my pregnancy with Little Madame, I suddenly decided I needed red patent stilettos in my life (even though with feet swollen to the size of a baby elephant's leg there was no way I was going to wear them then), but I couldn't find the perfect ones. I needed a deep cherry red, a tint darker than the ubiquitous lipstick red, which I find a bit "common", but not burgundy. Also I wanted a perfect pointed toe with heels high enough to make a statement but not so high that I couldn't walk in them. It took me a good few weeks to track down the perfect pair, but in the end J.Crew came to the rescue.

Outfit details below:
- Off-white wool culottes, Massimo Dutti Limited Edition
- Navy cotton-blend trench coat, Mango
- Off-white top with navy and pewter stripes, topped with gold buttons, Joseph
- Red patent heels, J.Crew
- Navy Sac de Jour in smooth leather, Saint Laurent


JHA said...

Your make up is fabulous!

Anonymous said...

I would say that SHE looks fabulous! I am still wondering how comes, 2 young kids, full time, "serious" job...I am afraid I would not have time for teeth brushing;)...BEST REGARDS!, Isabel

Longuette said...

your make up is stunning!!!!!