Little Monsieur's Outer Space party

As my long-time followers will know, one of the many reasons I have been busy over the Spring and Summer season this year is I've been focusing on my little ones, and one of the major things on my to-do list as usual was Little Monsieur's annual party. This year he asked for an Astronaut Outer Space theme... so I spent most of June thinking up cosmic decorations and organizing space-themed delicacies.

Things I made myself included the gravity-defying cupcake stand... That was hard work! Covering six styrofoam cylinders with arts and crafts foam, then decorating it with washi tape, and finally balancing the layers so it looked like it was off-centered. I also made some planets out of styro spheres which I spray-painted to use as stands for the rocket cookie pops. Blast-off guaranteed! (Incidentally the floor stones in our patio remained a bit more colourful than usual as a result of the spray-painting session, but thankfully the relentless London rain washed everything out).

The table settings were easy... Once I located and ordered a whole roll of isolating bubble foil (yes, I did go a bit over-board yet again... now we have 80% of said roll left, I suggested Hubby Dearest redo the isolation in the eaves, he was not amused), it was easy to cut out the chair covers and the place settings. I used the little cut-offs to make water bottle wrappers, for the extra cosmic feel... We sprinkled some silver glitter on the tables to make sure we were up with the stars and comets. The kiddies loved the space station look, and the curly straws in their clear cups were a hit with everyone!

I also made some foam photo props that I was hoping to put on the kiddies for pictures against the starry background or the kid-size rocket we had ordered, but they had such fun with the entertainer we had that those barely got touched... (and this is when my nanny reminds me that sometimes I do a bit too much and really shouldn't have bothered). This is a mistake that I will not do again!

For food we had the gorgeous cookies and cupcakes by Lucy at Vanilla Frost Cakes, she is still my favourite cake-maker in London whenever there is a party to prepare for. I also made Mars pizzas (inspired by the planet, not the candy chocolate bar), some Rocky savoury muffins, and ticked the health box with fresh veggies and fruit (which the children diligently ignored, what a surprise).

For decorations I had ordered a photo scene setter from Etsy, it was so cute to sit all the children in front of it for the entertainment. I laid some of the isolation roll on the floor to make it all a bit more cushion-y. Above the tables, we had some giant agathe balloons to act as floating planets. The little favor boxes were standard take-away boxes filled with Milky Way mini bars, Alien jumpers, Space themed stickers and stamps, decorated with some more washi tape and bespoke stickers.

We had a wonderful entertainer from Bedazzled Events, who kept the children busy with games, songs and balloon sculptures. He and Little Monsieur had almost the same astronaut costume, much to the delight of my little man.

I promise I will add sources tomorrow... Right now I need to go and lay out tomorrow's clothes and catch some sleep before another week begins!

Update: here are the sources as promised!
- Bright Stars 10' by 10' digital printing backdrop, GladsBuy at Etsy
- Silver cardboard rocket playhouse, Paperpod
- Blue stripe party plates and napkins, Cake Girls
- Blue Planet cupcake wrappers, YourlittleCupcake at Etsy
- Wriggly straws, Krazy Straws
- Art & craft foam, washi tape, isolation bubble foil, clear cups, etc., all from Amazon
- Cupcakes and sugar cookies, Vanilla Frost Cakes
- Everything else on the food buffet was homemade


Lucy, Vanilla Frost Cakes said...

Fabulous photos, what an amazing party! Great to see the cakes in situ x

LittleS said...

Thank you Lucy, your cakes were the highlight of the table, the children loved everything as always. I couldn't do parties without you :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Sandra, I think you missed one more career! Amazing creativity. I am planning to show it to my son that is 9 y.o.now, a great inspiration!
All the best! I.S.

LittleS said...

Thank you so much I.S., such a sweet comment to read! All I can say is I try my best to compensate all the time I spend away from my children by doing as much as I can in my time with them! xx