Saturday's off-duty look for an afternoon at the playground

I have spent most of this week travelling and working my not so small backside (though I am working on that too... I promise) off and I haven't had much opportunity to write posts or take outfit pictures... hence I was really excited this afternoon when the sun came out this afternoon. I was looking forward to taking Little Monsieur to the playground without braving the elements, but also, I'll admit, this meant I would have the opportunity to coax Hubby Dearest into taking some outfit pics...

Playground styling is totally different from office styling for me. Adios sky-high heels, tailored pieces and heavy totes, hello boho cuts, prints and hands-free bags! Thankfully Little Monsieur is big enough that I don't need to be as much as helicopter parent as a couple of years ago, but still, flats are an absolute must when going to the playground.

Of course, if you know me, you know that doesn't mean just pulling out some old Converse trainers (which I find, by the way, extremely uncomfortable); I do try a little bit harder, even though comfort is the ultimate priority. This is the main reason why I fell in love with these Isabel Marant lace-up ballerinas: they are gorgeous and apparently super hot right now, if I'm to believe the sales assistant at least, but they also fit like slippers.

By the way, allow me to introduce my new Jypsière...  It's my most recent bag, a new baby gift from Hubby Dearest, and it is perfect for days when I'm out and about with the children. The colour is Rouge Hermès, a muted red which only looks bright in full daylight. I had been thinking about getting a bag which would add a splash of colour to my black or grey outfits, and here it is, perfect red. It's the smaller size, 28cm, so for me it's ideal and not too heavy. I am in love!

This is exactly my typical off-duty style: flats, jeans, a cute jacket and hands-off accessories. Of course this one outfit does group some of my favourite pieces together so I thought it was worth a little post. How about you? Do you have any go-to off-duty outfits?

Before I go, some details about this outfit:
- Embellished jacket, Isabel Marant (from years ago)... try Vestiaire Collective for the same model
- Skinny off-black jeans, J Brand
- 28cm Jypsière in Rouge H clemence leather and cashmere silk shawl, both Hermès
- Isabel Marant's Leo lace-up ballerinas are selling out fast, but you can find them at Lane Crawford
- Sunglasses, Sun Buddies


Anonymous said...

Love the outfit. I totally agree with you about converse shoes. Not stylish enough and very uncomfortable. I should really be more diligent with my off-duty style since my new job is restricting my creativity with traditional business casual. As always, thanks for the inspiration


Jessie said...

The cashmere scarf you have.... absolute teasure!! Lucky girl! I missed out on it and still regretting.

Your new make up looks wonderful on you and in so glad to see you back on the blogosphere. :-)

LittleS said...

Thanks Evie and Jessie! @Jessie I'm well aware that the CSMC is a very sought-after design, and I'm even luckier to have found it in a H sale years ago, so I didn't even pay full price for it ;) It was a good day...