Tuesday's feminine take on formal corporate style

If you were to ask someone to describe the typical banker, they would probably cite a suit, pinstripes, a formal shirt,... not sure they would go on to add ruffled raspberry stilettos and a bijou handbag with silk covered handles. Ha!

Maybe the first reason for that is that our biased minds always think of bankers are being mainly male, but also because it can seem difficult to instill some femininity into a very masculine style. Exactly what I decided to attempt a few days ago on a day filled with meetings.

As you know if you've been reading my posts over time, I am a big fan of Theory suits, in fact they are the only ones I seem to own these days, especially for Summer, as they do the best light wool tailoring, in my view. I have them in grey, navy and black, and they are both elegant and easy. I adore the modern collar shape, and I love that the cropped length of the trousers hits just at my ankles, which is the ideal way to showcase my beloved shoes, right?

Talking about shoes... this pair is one of my favourite in my closet at the moment, but I must tell you how I came to own them. A few months ago, half way through my second pregnancy and feeling both miserable and sick, I was asked by a client to go to Abu Dhabi on what we call a non deal roadshow in my job, ie a day of meetings with investors. Alas, there aren't as many active investors for what I had to discuss in Abu Dhabi, so we had plenty of free time. At the end of the short day, my clients went for a swim, something that sounded totally unpalatable to the very grumpy pregnant moo that I was, and so I went to the little mall underneath the hotel (how convenient!) and quickly discovered the most marvelous little gem of a Manolo Blahnik shop. These were love at first sight, although the shop was incredibly well stocked, compared with the ones in Europe, so it was almost tempting to take a few... Seeing how much I adore this gorgeous pair, I now wish I had also bought them in a different colour! By the way, the shoes barely fit my inflated pregnant feet but I decided to take a leap of faith... (that statement just sums me up, doesn't it?)

There you have it, my attempt at feminine business formal:
- Navy light wool suit, Theory
- Striped silk shirt, from last year, but this Equipment one is very close
- Raspberry and grey ruffle stilettos, Manolo Blahnik
- Birkin and silk twillies (around the handles), Herm├Ęs


Amanda said...


Your makeup is looking lovely here again! I can't wait for you to do your makeup post! x

Charlotte said...

Looking fabulous. So glad you are back! Charlotte x

Madeco said...

You look very chic ! So pleased to read you again !