Wednesday's beauty essential: Sunday Riley skincare

"Juggling. Multi-tasking. Balancing..." If my name came, Mary Poppins style, in the dictionary, I can only hope that these would be the words in the definition. Alas I suspect that one would actually find the words "Stressed. Sleep-deprived. Unbalanced" instead. That's how I've been feeling lately. There are never enough hours in the day for me to do everything that I have on. And of course, my skin insists on acting as the display window of whatever is going on inside. Urgh!

Am I frazzled? Here comes an angry zit on my chin. Did I get less than my minimum 4 hours of sleep last night? Look, my washed-out complexion will tell you all about it. Thankfully, the SpaceNK ladies in the Parsons Green boutique seem to be seeing lots of harassed mammas in dire need of some bathroom vanity TLC. I walked in a couple of months ago on the way back from the park and, having taken one look at my skin followed by a circumspect up-and-down at my hyper toddler and my angelic-in-appearance-only baby, promptly directed me to the Sunday Riley shelf.

Ok, I'll confess, I looked at the price and balked. This is not a cheap range. In fact, slathering my skin in caviar daily might be in the same price area. But then, I convinced myself that good skin makes me happy and hence it was totally worth it (I am really good at negotiating with myself, it would seem). I started with Good Genes, then followed with the Ceramic Slip and Artemis oil on my next visit, once I'd run out of my usual cleanser and evening oil. And, two months later, let me tell you, I'm not looking to go back, or at least not until my next skin crisis demands another change of skin regimen!

I hear you, so far I've not told  you much about what this is all about, so here is the scoop... First, Good Genes: quite simply the best overnight exfoliating treatment I've tried in years. It's all about the lactic acid, which delivers a tingly sensation to the skin upon first application, meaning a little pump goes a loooong way! Literally from the first morning, I could see a smoother, plumper version of me in the mirror, no photoshop required. So far, so worth it.

Next, the Ceramic Slip cleanser. I chose it because of the clay which means that it really removes any nasty residues from my face, but also because it foams a little which means it is easy to use with my Clarisonic. Clear pores in a minute. Awesome.

But the biggest surprise for me is the Artemis oil, not because I didn't know that combination skin likes oil. That I knew. But really this oil, applied in teeny-tiny quantities just after Good Genes, means that my skin goes to bed nourished but not oily, and wakes up happy and, most day, glowy.

So, all-in, this range is a bit of a splurge, but think of it as an investment, especially as some of the Sunday Riley products tend to have a double function. For instance I use 3 pumps of the Ceramic Slip mixed with 2 pumps of Good Genes for an instant glow facial for those evenings where my stress is really getting the better of me. In fact, I think I'm due one today, it has been quite the long day in the office and I didn't make it home in time to see Little Madame before she went to bed... so I'm feeling pretty sorry for myself and reaching out for some ice cream isn't an option right now, what with the new diet and training programme and all (more on that very soon, I promise); indulgence at home, here I come!

Enough on me, here is a link to the fabulous Sunday Riley range: Sunday Riley at SpaceNK.

Enjoy your evening and happy hump day!


Felicity said...

Happy to see you posting again

I agree with you about using oil- it is a surprise to find that my skin looks better now using it. I really like the Trilogy Rose Hip oil with antioxidant.

Take care :)

Anonymous said...

OMG, 4 hours?! Do you want to tell me you look like this sleeping 4 (or a bit more) h?!
Did you ever try fresh cosmetics?

Best regards!

LittleS said...

Thanks for your comments ladies! @Isabel, yes, 4 hours is my minimum, and on average I sleep 5 hours a night on weekdays... Remember I have a little baby and wake up for work at 5:30am most days so I don't have a choice! Thankfully good skincare and good make-up save the day! xx