Whoop whoop, we're having a Halloween party!

It may seem early, but in my household Halloween prep tends to start really early... especially as Little Monsieur is as excited about the celebration as I am, though I suspect he cares more about the collection of sweeties in his Trick or Treat bag than the costumes and the decorations... This year, we'll be having a small gathering of his friends for a Haunted Tea Party followed by a round of the neighbourhood for the afore-mentioned collecting of sweets. 

I'll blog about the party later, with lots of pics and source, but I thought I'd share some ideas of where to shop for some cute supplies if, like me, you have a Halloween-obsessed household.

First up, the costumes. I love going to Pottery Barn Kids for these: they are made of beautiful sturdy material which doesn't come apart the moment the children step out of the house, and the designs are gorgeous and extremely suitable for children. The designs vary each year, and over the years we got some gorgeous costumes, such  Max from Where The Wild Things Are we got a couple of years ago. Of course they offer the ubiquitous super-hero costumes, but theirs are childlike and fun, unlike the monstrosities one can order from the likes of Amazon. The only downside of PBK is that it is US-based, and the orders go through Borderfree, hence I tend to order Little Monsieur's costumes by the end of September to avoid delays in shipping...

More locally, NotOnTheHighStreet is another great website for children's costumes.

For the decorations, I'll be shopping online again, a mix of Etsy, Amazon, The Pretty Little Party Shop etc etc.

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