A love story: my over the knee boots and me

Years ago, I used to think that over-the-knee boots were on the wrong side of the tacky line... then, about 18 months ago, I started reconsidering... Suddenly I liked them a lot, black, brown, grey, khaki... flat, heeled, but they had to be in suede. That is where I draw the line now: over-the-knee boots are ok, so long as is suede, not leather (who knows, ask me again next year and  I might have jumped on that bandwagon, though really I doubt my legs would look in a Mousquetaire type leather boot!).

Last year, you wouldn't have caught me dead in the office with over-the-knee boots and a skirt hitting right at the top of the boot: as you know I'm quite short, so that means the skirt can be categorised as mini, and I don't usually do mini, do I? But, these days I'm feeling confident, I've decided to like myself as I am, short legs and curves and all. So here I am, with over-the-knee boots and a slightly shorter than usual skirt! Of course this is a look for days with no client meetings, don't worry I'm still very mindful of dressing appropriately for my profession!

Looking at the dark colours of this outfit I wonder if it's perhaps a bit early in the year, especially considering I'll have a good five months of Winter weather to dress warmly for, but I couldn't wait one week more. I love wearing boots. For me, it's almost like wearing trousers with a skirt, I feel so much less exposed than with pumps!

These boots are called Highland, they are so comfortable with their medium heel and almond toe. I love wearing them. In my view they are far more elegant than the 5050 which has too square a toe for my liking.

I covered up lightly, with a ribbed cashmere mix top and my very old but very loved leather jacket with chain trim. All in it felt like a perfect outfit for what is becoming quite a chilly weather after all...

Outfit details:
- Ruffled stretch-jersey skirt, DKNY
- Cashmere mix ribbed short-sleeve top, Vince
- Chain-trimmed leather jacket, Tory Burch
- Suede over-the-knee boots, Highland by Stuart Weitzman
- Flannel and leather handbag, CĂ©line at Vestiaire Collective


Bodie said...

Stunning- you're looking lovely lately; hair colour, makeup, just perfect!

Anonymous said...

I would like to comment that you look radiant lately and love your clothes choices too!

Anonymous said...

So polished and absolutely stunning!

Anonymous said...

Du schaust super aus. Und ich finde deine Frisur mit den helleren Haaren steht dir sehr gut. Im ersten Moment musste ich 2x hinschauen ob du es auch wirklich bist :)

Rhapsgirl said...

Love the outfit! You totally rock those boots. I tried the leather version of the boots and they weren't for me, might go back and try the suede ones

LittleS said...

Thanks ladies, as always your comments make my day! @Rhapsgirl, I hear you about the leather version, try the suede, the look is totally different!

Alexandra Petersen said...

i agree with the others, i have been off blogs for a while and this is my first time back for months. You look freshfaced and years younger, whatever you are doing works!!

Anonymous said...

I must say you this suits you much more than "adult office kind of boring outfits", really MUCH MORE. You look fresh and girly and you have a spark. Do it more often, please. :-)
And Im sure your clients would say this too if they had an opportunity to see the diference. ;-)