Spicing up a stormy work outfit

Since going back to work full time, I've tried to style myself a bit more seriously than usual, with loads of suits, neutral colours, and more office-classic outfits than before. I guess I'm growing up (and hopefully not getting old just yet...). That said, I still love to play with fashion but I find I tend to do it more with accessories and coats lately.

Take yesterday's outfit. At first it can look innocent enough, with the black and grey mix, but then there is the pop of red in my Tohu Bohu shawl and my suede platform sandals to add some spice and take it out of plain grey territory.

As you know I adore the transition into Autumn, and I'm so excited that the days are turning crisper. Note: I know that makes me quite a unique (crazy) person, as most people tend to hang on to warm weather like a free pair of Manolos, but I can't help it, sorry. The new season comes with new clothes, new entertaining opportunities, back to school days with Little Monsieur etc etc.

For transitional weather I quite like wearing my skirts with bare legs, it's still warm enough for it. I have been wearing my pleated faux leather skirt quite often these last two weeks, it's warm without being stuffy and isn't scratchy like a tweed skirt would feel on tights-less pins. It also allows for endless mixes. The other day I paired it with a silk blouse, a classic Mac and my favourite Hermès Nuit sandals, but yesterday it felt a bit cold so I brought out a finer knit jumper and my new peplum jacket for warmth and a patchwork of textures.

By the way, how do you feel about sandals in colder weather? Yes or no way? I for one love to wear sandals or peep toe shoes throughout the year. It means my tootsies sometimes get a bit cold but it is far too sad to keep sandals for warm days only, especially if you live in Freeze-land (sorry,  I mean London) like me...

Outfit details below:
- Faux leather pleated skirt, Urbancode at ASOS
- Peplum wool mix jacket, Carolina Herrera
- Fine knit Tippi sweater, J.Crew
- Felt and leather Trapeze bag, Céline at Vestiaire Collective
- Cashmere and silk Tohu Bohu shawl, Hermès
- Red suede sandals, L.K. Bennett, now sold out but these ones at ASOS are close


Faux Fuchsia said...

love this outfit you look wonderful x

Anonymous said...

Great outfit.
Niti from Vancouver

frifri63 said...

Just perfect! And that TB shawl....a holy grail for sure.
I chicken out when the weather cools down. Unfortunately my open toe shoes/sandals have to wait for sunnier days. I need my comfort and I hate being cold...I am French after all :-)

LittleS said...

Thank you ladies, love the comments! xo

Camille said...

Love the colours - you look fabulous, as always!

Anonymous said...

you look great - love the new hair colour, it suits you!