Spooky post ahead: Little Monsieur's Happy Halloween party

Anyone with children in London will know that Halloween has become huge over the last few years... For instance,the little pumpkin patch we go to every year, and which is usually very calm, was absolutely packed last Sunday when we went to get our haul, and when we took the children out trick or treating after our little party last night, the streets of Parsons Green were crawling with costumed little munchkins filling their buckets with goodies and sweeties...

In our household, it's always been a pretty big deal, seeing as it's my favourite celebration of the year, and of course Little Monsieur adores the opportunity to have his fill of candy, something he doesn't get the chance to do too often!

This year, we thought we'd host a little pre trick or treat party for Little Monsieur and his closest friends, and as usual I relished the chance to plan all the decorations and party food for this afternoon of spooky fun. You know me, I consider myself a bit of an expert internet shoppper, so all of the ordering for this party was yet again web-based, from the spider web plate chargers to the little milk bottles, the retro rosettes etc. Some items did entail a bit of research and it's a pity that I can't quote one website where I can conveniently find everything at once, but it is also a lot of fun putting the whole thing together.

I think the result was pretty cute, though it is true it took a bit of effort putting it all up, the kids loved the decorations and besides from the nasty stretchy spider webs, everything was relatively easy to install.

As usual, the cupcakes and cookies were prepared by Lucy at Vanilla Frostcakes, don't you just love how cute the ghost popcakes? Adorable! I also ordered some creepy gummy worms, chocolate cyclope eyes, and a whole farm of albino mice as the perfect accessories to my whiches lair, though the mice came with brown chocolate eyes, meaning I spent my breakfast piping red icing eyes on the little beasts to make them appropriately spooky.

We also had mummy sausage rolls, sea monster (tuna melt...) sandwiches, and some ogre farmyard groceries which most children didn't ignore, for once! Drinks were witches brew (water), ogre juice (apple juice with green colouring) and goblin's blood (again, apple juice, with red colouring).

One of the yummy mummies in attendance brought some super healthy Halloween flapjacks with orange drizzle from Deliciously Ella's recipe, they were delicious as well as diet-friendly, and looked fabulous, but as always once the munchkins descended on the party I didn't manage to take a single picture!

You'll notice most of the items are plastic, paper or wood, seeing as I  tried to keep everything toddler-friendly. It took a while for me to find milk bottles that looked pretty enough whilst being made of plastic, but I did manage in the end, and all it took was a little ribbon and a sticker matching the paper plates to tie in the whole look. Still, I love my vintage glass and china cake stands, they look fabulous on the table and most children will not knock them over when helping themselves to sugary treats.

Using the smaller pumpkins from our farmyard haul as stands for the pumpkins and swirly lollipops was dead easy, as their weight means they don't topple over under the pops.

Of course, one key aspect of any kids party is the entertainment, but this was a small enough event not to warrant us needing outside help. Instead we planned for three different activities for the children in addition to the pretend kitchen and shop that Little Monsieur keeps in our lounge.

First, we had "Make your own treat bag", with some little kits I ordered (you guessed it) online, made of a small paper bag and some stickers and googly eyes. It was a good game for the children who didn't have their own trick or treat buckets, though most children quickly enlisted the help of one of the mummies in attendance to outsource the project, the scheming little rascals!

We promptly moved on to "Potions and Brews" outside, with little cauldrons and a laboratory filled with magical ingredients (some water with food colouring and rice milk for the liquids, and sugar with food colouring for the powders, if you were wondering...). I think this was the little ones' favourite game, judging by how much time they spent around the cauldrons and how fast we ran out of the first batch of potions!

The last activity on offer was "Bling out your Pumpkin" with little green pumpkins and glittery foam stickers.

You know how little children love little more than sticking things on everything? From their schooters and bags to the walls and furniture, well this game was the perfect opportunity for them do it with everyone's ascent... and it meant no pumpkin carving, which is a big no no with children so young in attendance.

Talking of carving pumpkins... Hubby Dearest and I carved a whole family of Jack O'Lanterns for yesterday... for our little patio as well as our front door. They fit perfectly into the black, orange and white theme, which we tied in through the entrance with helium balloons weighed with the cutest Halloween characters, by Meri Meri. If you don't know Meri Meri by name, you've probably seen their products around, they make pretty, preppy and party go hand in hand, and  all of their party-ware is so drool-worthy it will make you want to organise your own kids parties presto (and then like me you'll find yourself trying to hang rosettes everywhere in your house only to wonder why you're doing this to yourself... it's all normal, don't worry!)

Of course no spooky goĆ»ter would have been complete without some little goodies to take home, so I ordered mini gumball machines,  I find children love the mechanics of them and though I was disappointed not to find orange gumballs to replace the original white ones, they looked sweet enough once adorned with a little baker's twine knot round them.

They looked cute dispersed round our little haunted house, another piece by the fabulous people at Meri Meri, complete with dug-up graveyard, ghosts, and its own in-house broomstick flying witch.

The little house was painstakingly assembled by Hubby Dearest and had a little sound box issuing a rather ominous witch cackle... It's meant to be a table centerpiece, but in reality it looked a bit tall to be standing in the middle of the table, so I thought it would look better as a backdrop piece instead.

Where I went partyware shopping:
- Paper plates and matching stickers, Zazzle
- Plastic mini milk bottles, Pretty Little Party Shop
- Striped and polka dot wooden party cutlery, Etsy
- Striped paper straws and napkins, Peach Blossom
- Mini gumball machines, Beau-Coup (I had to use polish remover to wipe out the label by the way)
- Balloons with spooky halloween weights, Meri Meri at Beau-Coup
- Voile, tulle and hessian fabrics, Shaukat
- Little cauldrons, Angels Fancy Dress


Charlotte said...

Looks amazing. I think we are kindred spirits - I get obsessive about all the little details too. What precious memories for your children! xx

LittleS said...

You are so right, I always start with an easy to implement idea but then it ends with lots of small details and touches, it's a lot of work but also a lot of fun! xo

Maria Martens said...

It looks so amazing! I wish to do the same for my little boy when he gets a bit older:) xx