Fur pompom and cable knit for Sunday brunch

I bet some of you wonder why I don't post more  pictures of week-end outfits... Maybe, you think, she spends her week-ends wearing sweatpants, lounging in front of the TV. No, part of the reason is I'm' even busier at the week-end as  I am during the week, and then part of it is Hubby Dearest doesn't really like taking my outfit pictures (by the way, have you seen the video about the "Instagram Husbands"? Google it, it's hilarious and oh so true!).

Thankfully once in a while he relents and accepts to take an express picture (or twenty) as we're getting ready to take the munchkins out. I then just have to pray the lighting will be ok and my face won't be pulling the wrong expressions!

Anyhow, today was such a lucky day. We went out for brunch after I returned from Pilates, and, whilst most people will be bemoaning the eventual onset of the London Winter, I'm so excited it's finally arrived as it means I can wear my furs without looking ridiculous (and feeling like a peri-menopausal babushka).

On Sundays I like my outfits as comfortable as they get. Long flowy dresses and flat sandals in the Summer, and cozy knits on skinny jeans in the Winter. It's almost a uniform, I have it in many different colours, but still a uniform!

I try to take hands-free bags as much as possible, though most of them are rather small, so it means taking very little around or filling up the little basket under the buggy. I usually go for option 2. I love this little one, it's tiny and doesn't even allow me to bring my wallet, but it's so darn cute I make the sacrifice of trimming my essentials down to a debit card a a tube of Carmex once in a while!

More outfit details, below:
- Skinny jeans, Maria high rise, J Brand
- Cable knit sweater in khaki, Club Monaco
- Mink fur bracelet sleeve jacket, try Liska for a similar look
- My wedge booties with shearling lining are from last year at Fendi, but these Lanvin ones are close
- Mini Marcie cross-body bag, ChloĆ©
- Fur bobble cashmere hat, from Etsy, try this Inverni one for a very close look


frifri63 said...

Hi lovely!
Lokking beautiful as usual! And so chic...in jeans. I will make an effort , thanks for the inspiration:)
PS I have been eyeing that Marcie for yonks now, in a reddish hue... but I have so many bags lol!

Anonymous said...

So, I have to ask: who takes your lovely weekday pictures?

Evie said...

Dear Sandra,
Love the outfit, especially the toque (can you tell I'm Canadian? haha) and the bag!
Hope you have a wonderful tropical holiday and best wishes to you and your family.


LittleS said...

Thanks Freida and Evie! I hope you had a wonderful holiday season! @Anonymous, my week-day pictures are taken sometimes by a fellow fashionista, sometimes by a friend... whomever has 5 minutes free in their schedule of the day to take some work outfit pics!