Casual, cozy and a bit philosophical?

I am not going to be particularly original in admitting that Friday has always been a favourite day for me, but in the last couple of weeks I look for the end of the work week with a sense of relief, delight, and true elation at the perspective of being away from the office for two full days without being on a work trip. I think it's fair to say I'm going through a rough patch, but then I guess this happens to all of us, and really there is no point in reasoning why or how I got here (although something tells me it's got little to do with my work, more with other, let's say, intrinsic issues), I am focusing my efforts and thoughts on onwards and upwards!...

For, if there is one thing I have learned at this point in my career, it's that through hard work and continued effort you create your own options and open your own windows, else people will just happily leave you in the little hole they have dug you into.

Anyways, enough philosophy from me! You know another reason why I love Fridays? It's the perfect day to go a bit casual in the office, especially if there are absolutely no client meetings in sight. I love wearing my skinny jeans with a wedge, but to be fair I hardly ever get a chance on the week-end, seeing as I like navigating kids playground and errands in flats. So of course today was the perfect opportunity for me to pull out these little shearling lined wedge boots, which I don't really wear often enough, and yet they are so cute and comfy... (Note to self: wear the booties more, they make my feet happy.) They are a few years old, and the look is a bit unique and different, but I am really into them...

Today was a bitterly cold and windy day in London, so my new cashmere cable knit sweater by Club Monaco felt perfect, warm and cozy without being stuffy (the office is full of hot air, and not just the one produced by politics!) It has a slightly cropped look which is great for layering, which is what I did here... By the way, I adore Club Monaco's new direction: more luxe, wonderful textures, and less of the more garish collections that they had lost themselves into for a while. I like the different shades of white, what do you think? Should I have tried to match the shades better?

The coat you know, it's one of my AW2015 purchases, and it has proved to be such a good investment piece (heard about the cost per wear theory?), I have used it at least once a week since October! Now here's an accessory that I haven't featured a lot in my posts: my cabat by Bottega Veneta in dusty pink, a little gift to myself for getting through my pregnancy with Little Madame and working all the way through the end, gestational diabetes, complications and all. I took it to all of my late pregnancy appointments and it came to me to hospital for the birth of my daughter and then for a week as I stayed with her in NICU, and though I have a few other cabats this one has gained a special place in my collection for that reason.

Finally, because a scarf completes every outfit beautifully(or so they say), I have tried to tie in all the colours of my outfit with my beloved cashmere and silk scarf by Etro, it's warm and cozy and works great with taupes and greys. Someone sweetly commented that my scarf knots always look great, which made me chuckle, seeing as I never really think about it, I just try to keep snug and warm!

Full outfit details below:
- Skinny jeans in slate, James Jeans at Donna Ida
- Silk and lace top, from an old collection, The Kooples
- Cream cable knit cashmere sweater, Club Monaco (check Harvey Nichols Knightsbridge for the full collection)
- White waffle wool coat, Paul & Joe Sister
- Shearling lined wedge ankle boots, Iro on Vestiaire Collective
- Cabat bag, Bottega Veneta
- Scarf, Etro

Enjoy your week-end everyone!


Faux Fuchsia said...

you look fabulous. Have you seen the Big Short? Lots of bankers. x

LittleS said...

Thank you darling! Must watch! xxx

Charlotte said...

Sorry to hear that you are having a rough time... your skin looks fabulous on the plus side. Good luck this week! xxx

LittleS said...

Thank you so much Charlotte. Rough patches are to be expected, and I will ride this one out as I have the previous ones! xxx