TLP fashion edit: Looking fabulous whilst working out makes the work-out easier, surely?

So, time to check in. Who's made a New Year resolution that has something to do with wellness? How is it going? Still going strong on the work-outs and clean(ish) diet?

If, like me, you can answer yes, then many congratulations, you've made it to the end of January, yehey-high-five-well-done, so surely you deserve a treat to keep you going as we hit some of the most depressing days of Winter, when staying in bed makes so much more sense than waking up at 5am for a pilates session!... And, if not, don't fret, and please please don't beat yourself up, live up to the saying that every new day is an opportunity to start anew, and give yourself a new chance.

In any case, here's a post to motivate even the most gym-adverse fashionistas out there to go on and start moving: here is my online shopping edit activewear special!

Up first, here's an outfit that is perfect for all the cardio activities that have sprouted up recently: boxing, HIIT, cycling, you name it... If it makes you all hot and bothered and the sweat is dripping off, whilst your heart is going a bit too strong (don't worry, no need to call  the meds), then you  know that it's working and that little stubborn fat is melting away. These are my favourite kind of activities at the moment, maybe it has something to do with the little (getting smaller!) pouch I have above my c-section scar, a little memento from my pregnancies, surely... Forgive all the pink and bright colours, these aren't necessarily my usual go-to colours, but isn't it so much more fun to work out in fun colours than drab, muted tones?

- Blue and purple trainers, Lunarglide 7 by Nike
- High waist sky print leggings, also comes with regular waist, Dharma Bums
- HIIT special sports bra, Shock Absorber (trust me, you'll need this, unless you're a 32A or less...)
- Pink tank (I like to layer...), Lorna Jane at Active In Style
- Tiger sweatshirt, perfect for an after workout coffee, Kenzo

Cardio is wonderful, but don't forget those toning sessions, such as pilates and power yoga. I try and do at least one of these for two of the cardio, just to keep it interesting and ensure I work on long lean muscles... I know, one can dream. For theses, I like to go a little softer, muted greys, purples and soft pastel shades, and I try to find multiple or crossing strap cuts to keep the outfits interesting.

- Turnout leggings with a zigzag waistband and heel stirrups, Sweaty Betty
- Grey multi-strap bra, Sweaty Betty
-  Mesh panel vest, Sweaty Betty
- Zip detail sweater, Nike
- Printed yoga mat, Yeti Yoga at CopĂ© Active

Don't forget to check out the many active lifestyle websites that have been launched in recent months, some of them, like Carbon 38,really do curate the best of the best of activewear. Happy shopping everyone! 

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