Sundays are for family lunches and hands-free bags

I love Sundays, especially the one with a packed programme where I get to live the day to the max as opposed to playing couch potato on my L sofa (not that I would ever do that, of course... ahem).

This past Sunday was right up my street: I started with a grueling but oh-so rewarding debut at Kobox, before popping home for a quick change and getting the little ones ready for our outing, then off to Jak's on Lots Road for a long lunch with friends. I discovered Jak's recently, which is surprising, because it is the perfect spot for a lunch with children, with lots of tables set with sofas and easy chairs, and the most adorable little tractor complete with fruit and veg cart filled with fresh produce. Little Monsieur loves it, and the food is both healthy and fresh, perfect to keep up with those resolutions without giving on on a social life!

I usually go for a jeans and top combo on week-end outings with the little ones, it's easy. However I recently got this gorgeous sweater dress and it is so comfortable I love wearing it. The roll-neck makes it extra warm which is ideal for the colder weather we've had in the last few days. Although it has a drop-waist shape, the drop doesn't actually sit right on the hips, which makes this dress not as unflattering as one could fear.

The other thing I always reach out for whilst out with the children? A hands-free bag to be able to hold Little Madame. She is finally enjoying her food and is putting on the extra weight quickly, so I can't be carrying her whilst toting a heavy-weight bag... Instead, I'm loving my littleJypsière, it's just the perfect size to carry essentials for a meal out, and yet it's lightweight and easy. Of course we did take a baby bag with us with all the must-haves for little miss cuddles.

The booties are a great find from my numerous trips through Lisbon airport: they come from one of the little shops in the terminal, which I passed most weeks at the end of 2015, and never gave much attention to. I did spot these block-heel booties one evening on my way to my return flight to London, and fell in love with how simple they look and how light they are, which is a surprise given they were so very cheap (and in my experience cheap shoes are both uncomfortable and heavy).

I matched my Jypsière with my very old but still striking Tohu Bohu shawl in red tones, and my dark red sunglasses, to add a bit of colour into an otherwise very monochrome outfit. What do you think? Too matchy matchy maybe?

Outfit details below:
- Drop waist sweater dress, McQ Alexander McQueen
- Leather jacket,Whistles
- Jypsière handbag and Tohu Bohu shawl, Hermès
- Platform booties, Parfois


Anonymous said...

Oh, it is striking indeed! I love Tohu Bohu in this red but did not manage to get it:( You look well but leather jacket somehow doesn't work here (but maybe I am wrong). Happy new year, by the way! I.S.

Anonymous said...

Hi! It is great to see you back blogging again and on Insta as well. I am loving your fitness focus this year as I am in a similar frame of mind. Although I am not up to 20 workouts in 30 days yet, it is a fantastic goal. I would love some ideas on fitness outfits as well as your usual excellent fashion posts, as it's so easy to fall into the habit of wearing black all the time! JaneS xo

LittleS said...

Dear JaneS, good to see you here, yes I will be posting more about workout outfits, in fact starting today!

@I.S., I think you might be right. This dress is so cool on its own, I can't really find a cover-up which works really well with it. But it was so cold last Sunday I had to put on something! xxx