Might be chilly, but that's no excuse to miss my work-out!

Happy New You everyone! I know this sounds like an odd greeting... of  course like every year I do hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and I wish you all a wonderful new year, but, also, I'm mindful that 2016 is definitely set to be the year when the wellness trend will explode and take over most of our lifestyles, so Happy New You!

I'm sure you will have noticed how, progressively, everyone talks about being / wanting to be healthy, working out is trendy, and eating clean is so fashionable even Nigella Lawson's Instagram feed is overtaken by mashed avocado and beetroot juices... In fact, there are so many health, fitness and wellness blogs around, it makes the odd carb-eating blogger seem like a rebel!

So of course my new year's resolution is exactly on trend, I am no original: I want to become the very best version of myself in 2016, a fit mother healthy enough to enjoy playing with my children at the week-end despite my crazy work week, a friend who enjoys riding with her girls at Psycle (now there is one phrase I never thought I'd write, ever), a woman who feels like her self-esteem is back for good. I will be upping my work-out and healthy diet game in the weeks to come, so expect more OOTD posts like today's, leggings, no make-up face and all.

I have been working out 3-4 times a week since last Summer, but this year I've taken on a new challenge: to fit 20 work-outs into January... Follow my progress as I document it partly on Instagram, and see if I fail miserably under the pressure of work travel and the nasty London weather (cue rain drenched garden stones in today's pictures). As a result, I am spending an increasing portion of my time wearing leggings and sneakers, without any make-up on...

Obviously if you know me a little bit you can imagine that I like to fully coordinate my work-out outfits and that I'm a full advocate of the theory that "Stylish work-out clothes make bungee kicks a (tiny) bit easier".

Here I am on the way to my Sunday morning Pilates class at Heartcore, in my trusted mix of purples and greys. The leggings are some old favourites in Lululemon's signature warmer Winter weave, and I love how the colours get picked up by my bespoke Beulah quote scarf. What do you think? Am I working it?

Before you go, some details about this outfit:
- Purple weave leggings, Lululemon
- Long sleeve bright purple top, Manuka Life
- Low support cami top in dark grape, Athleta
- Photosynthesis collection sneakers, Nike
- Pink bucket bag, Rachael Ruddick at Otte NY
- Down jacket, Moncler
- Printed scarf with bespoke quote, Beulah


PoppysStyle said...

Me and you both! You look amazing so it is obviously working! I've cut out the sugar and booze too this month...day 3 and it seems easy but wait till I'm back at work next week x

Faux Fuchsia said...

good luck, I always start strong but then get lazy…but I feel so much better when I exercise x

LittleS said...

Thank you so much for the encouragements ladies! Indeed I've been on the clean eat diet for a few months now and working out since the summer, so I'm used to how hard it is some days! Wishing everyone luck with their new routines! xx

Anonymous said...

Where did u buy your nike photosynthesis lunar from , I'm nt able to search them online . Can u suggest me any store where I can collect it from

LittleS said...

Hi Anonymous, I ordered them online from Liberty but that was almost a year ago. However Nike now has the Photosynthesis design on NikeID...