Cool and wintry hues for a day in the Wharf

I bet, after seeing my first two posts of 2016, some of you might have feared I have turned into one of the new self-appointed Ayatollahs of the fit and healthy lifestyle... Nah-ha... Not this little fashionista.

Just because I have taken a keen interest in my own wellness over the last few months, and I'm spending virtually all my free time away from work and babies working out (hello, hotel gym rooms globally at 5am...); it doesn't mean that I'm going to fill this little corner of the blogosphere with pictures of me in leggings and orthorexic "recipes", if you can call diced vegetables drizzled with rapeseed oil a recipe. There will be some fitfashion posts, for sure, but I'll still post about my civilian clothes!

So, rest assured, you can still come here to take a look at my style, read about my adventures and my little family. All is well and there isn't a kale leaf in sight in this blog post!

You might remember reading some of my pregnancy style posts, you'll know I had pounced (virtually of course, trust me I did no physical pouncing on anything after the fourth month of my last pregnancy) on this gorgeous lace trimmed coat in the AW2014 sales, and to this day I'm still in love with it as if it were the first day.

It is such a gorgeous piece, and although it is fair to say that this type of lace-heavy design is very 2014 and the trend has since moved on, it still works for me and I get complimented on it every time I wear it.

I tried to keep yesterday's look in cool wintry shades, with off-white, greys, and blues. Don't you love wearing white in the Winter? I do (obviously). I think wearing light colours when it's cold is quite pretty, especially in luxe textures, which give a little air of sophistication. It doesn't hurt that I'm still sporting my Mauritian tan, I guess the look would be a bit meeh if I was my usual aspirin pill shade of white!

Accessorizing this look was so easy, and the whole outfit is unbelievably comfy and snuggly, especially my beloved Hayley Menzies wrap scarf. It's so soft... I just added on my little Falabella bag, which I don't use often enough to work, due to its slouchy frame, and a pair of fabulous stiletto, and I was ready for a day in the office.

Outfit details below:
- Off-white culottes, Massimo Dutti (now sold-out), Vero Moda at ASOS has a similar look
- Lace trimmed coat, Dolce & Gabbana
- Cashmere mix boat neck jumper, just seen, Luisa Spagnoli
- Fur-trimmed cashmere wrap, Hayley Menzies
- Faux suede Falabella chain bag, Stella McCartney
- Blue suede stilettos, Rupert Sanderson


Bodie said...

You really are looking amazing lately! Your makeup is sensational- please can we have more information on what you're using? Whatever you're doing, it certainly is working!

Anonymous said...

You look very happy, and ladylike.
I am loving what you have put together here.
Nice style.

PoppysStyle said...

Is it the lighter hair color maybe? You do look sensational! Glowing! Xx

Amanda S said...

Wow you look stunning! I agree with Bodie's comment above, could we please have some more information on what you are using (including any skincare underneath your makeup?). I know you have done a makeup post recently but maybe some more information could be provided about application techniques etc? Your posts lately are wonderful and inspiring, so glad to have you posting regularly again xx

Evie said...

I love that coat. And your skin! This healthy lifestyle is doing wonders for you!!!

Keep warm and take care.


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous outfit
Niti from Vancouver