Brrrr... Freezing weather calls for warm and cozy, even in the office!

Looking at these pictures, there is no doubt that the British Isles are being totally battered by storm Imogen, it's been so windy these couple of days the contact alarm on our house went out twice on Sunday night... so of course my hair looks an absolute mess on today's photos. But hey ho, I wanted to do a post about today's utterly comfortable yet a bit stylish outfit, so it had to be done!

You know how some days you wake up wishing you could wear your duvet to work? Yet, unless you work in a mattress testing capacity, that isn't really an option... so, for a close experience, let me suggest what I wore today.

Step one, pick some impeccably tailored yet slightly (I insist on the word "slightly", it's quite key) loose trousers.  These ones are made of 100% Italian wool, and I've had them for years yet they still look immaculate. Step two, find an oversize but cropped jumper in the softest lightest cashmere you can afford: don't go too warm, or you'll sweat at your desk before you know it, and that's not an elegant look for anyone. Step three, cut the grey with a typical banker stripe shirt, but on no account tuck it in.

There you have it, the basis for a most comfortable look for a day in the office: I think it's called relaxed tailoring, I just call it the closest to duvet you can get away with without getting fired for mis-reading the dress code.

Obviously, you can't accessorize this with some fugly masculine flats (sorry, I just can't) and a branded gym bag you got from your analyst training... No. For me, what makes this outfit total game for a work day is exactly that: accessorizing with killer pieces which bring the feminine out, with a capital F s'il vous plait... My suede heels are by an old favourite of mine, Rupert Sanderson, and the model is called the Ariel I think: it has a gorgeous slightly curve heel which makes it a bit  more special than the somewhat ubiquitous Malory. And they are super comfy, of course (that is the theme of this post, hadn't you noticed).

You will have recognised my little navy Sac De Jour from previous outfit posts, but I have given it a little embellishment for the Winter, in the form of a fun little fur pompom. How cute and playful is that? Its colour is a perfect match to Little Madame's snowsuit hood, I can't wait to wear it on my outings with her next week in the Alps!

Outfit details below:
- Grey wool tailored trousers, J.Crew
- Cashmere blend patch pocket cropped sweater, Frame Denim
- Silk striped shirt, Equipment (mine is from an older collection)
- Coat, Uniqlo (from a couple of years ago)
- Navy suede pumps, Rupert Sanderson
- Sac de Jour in dark navy, Saint Laurent


Stephanie said...

Love your look, Sandra. So coyz but oh so stylish. And your complexion gets glowier with every day (while I suffer from bad skin and lots of unwanted adult spots....)!

Evie said...

Hang in there, Sandra!


Anonymous said...

Wow, I don't want to repeat myself but i have to: you look soooo well! And the outlook is yet so casual but so chic at the same time. I.S.

LittleS said...

Thank you dear friends! Your warm comments are always wonderful to read. xxx

Mrs Badinage said...

You are looking so utterly gorgeous!
Former bourbon and pearls here, I checkin from time to time, I only IG now, don't know how you manage to fit everything I guess that you are type A and I am type couch potato!