TLP beauty essential: The best facial in London... courtesy of Nataliya Robinson

Following some numerous comments on this page and my Facebook page about the quality of my complexion, I thought it was time to write a little post about a recent-ish discovery I have made in the beauty department. Of course, quite a bit of my good complexion on my outfits posts is down to really good make-up (at my age, with my life, you have to wear make-up or you look quite drained and sallow...) but a good lifestyle and regular visits with a top-notch facialist are just as important. And, if you live in London, you probably know that finding a quality facialist is tantamount to looking for a nice two-bedroom flat in SW7 for a reasonable price...

Imagine my joy when I heard about Nataliya Robinson and her magical facials... I promptly got in touch and booked my first appointment at the end of last Summer. Her salon is a converted little mews house in the heart of Chelsea, tucked just off a quiet road, which enhances the feeling of relaxation that embraces you the second you walk in. The treatment room itself is small but perfectly formed, with the most comfortable bed you can imagine: you literally get wrapped in a cocoon of softness as Nataliya observes your skin and devises the perfect treatment for you, meaning there is no standard facial here, everything is bespoke and adapted to the skin's condition on the day. 

Her facials include a mix of potent techniques, from exfoliation to extractions (sorry, but I am still to see an extraction-free treatment which is truly worthwhile...), including masks, drainage, massage... If your skin needs it, you name it, Nataliya will work your skin through it and you will walk out with a cleared beautiful complexion.

Last time I visited, I had micro-dermabrasion to shed any lifestyle-induced dullness, and then Nataliya added a bout of radiofrequency to my facial, to help promote firmness by making the deeper layers of my skin work a bit harder than usual to produce collagen. It might be a bit early to see any sagging jowls on my face, but prevention is better than correction! She also gave a couple of little millia (milky white spots) on my cheeks their marching orders with a little needle, before applying her usual soothing masks and serums. 

A few months ago on the other hand, my skin needed some deep cleansing, so I had a green peel, packed with natural ingredients including nettle which made my skin sting for a couple of days following my treatment but which left me with luminous virtually pore-free skin.

Nataliya has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to skincare, and she shares her advice freely through the treatment, lifestyle, diet and otherwise. She is the one who recommended I take starflower oil capsules to address my hormonal break-outs, the kind of angry and ugly red spots one gets around that time of the month... I've seen a serious improvement since I started taking them. 

If you are a lucky Londoner, you can book with Nataliya directly via her website... her facials are by appointment only and from about £160, which is well worth the clearer skin afterwards. For more details check out her website: www.nataliyarobinson.co.uk or call 0 777 454 4455,

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