A furry Mother's Day lunch with family and friends

It might be less than 15 days until Spring, but let me tell you London felt very wintry yesterday morning when my two little laughing and kicking alarm clocks arrived in our bedroom demanding for Sunday fun to begin (the smaller one, carried by her Daddy, who was kind enough to let me sleep in a bit)... when really all I wanted to do was crawl deeper under the duvet and snooze until the temperature hits levels which will allow me to store my coats for at least six months!

And I'm sure this is a feeling that I shared with quite a few mothers up and down the UK today: it might be your very own officially appointed Sunday, but you still get up early to cater to your little ones' needs, and what's best? You actually enjoy it (mostly).

Just like Valentine's, I'm not a very big fan of officially appointed celebration dates, especially considering how and why Mothering Sunday started in some countries... but still, I was excited to see Little Monsieur's painstakingly written wishes on a sweet little card and my new school-made heart-shaped plate charger. Adorable.

Besides from that, we didn't have any big plans, apart from a relaxed lunch with friends, and so after Little Madame returned from her swimming lesson we got ready to go out in the frosty weather. The children wore their warmest puffer jacket and pilot suit, and I reached for my favourite Sunday look: layers, cashumere, fur and boots...

Cozy, warm and comfortable, That's pretty much what this outfit is about. The over-the-knee boots are a great find and an interesting story: I had been walking past this little shop in Madison Avenue, around 80th St I think, for years, and lusting after these boots, but every single time I walked in to try them on my calves didn't allow the suede leg anywhere near my knee... Until, that is, I lost quite a few kgs, courtesy of my new diet and work-out routine, meaning suddenly my calves are a normal size and they fit in these beauties! I'm doubly happy about this because they are so comfy and light to wear, despite the little wedge. Sadly they are non branded so I can't offer up a link on them, only some close lookalike...

I like my family day handbags to be stylish (obviously) but mostly practical and hands-free if possible, which is why I grabbed this beauty, it's my last acquisition from Milli Millu, from their AW2015 collection. It's quite roomy for a bag which fits so neatly against my body, and the long strap means I can wear it on one shoulder or across body, meaning it didn't get in the way of me carrying Little Madame down to the restaurant for lunch. It also has a short clutch strap if I want  to use it for more grown-up affairs.

Outfit details below:
- Curly toscana gilet, sold out now, but Gushlow & Cole have a similar look
- Skinny high waisted jeans, Paige Denim
- Cream cashmere cable knit jumper, Club Monaco
- Silk print scarf (L'Arbre de Vie), Hermès
- Cashmere cable scarf, N.Peal
- Cross body Berlin handbag in taupe and beige grained leather, Milli Millu (you can get 15% off on any order today with code MMLILAC15)
- Over-the-knee beige boots, unbranded from a shop on Madison Avenue, these Daisy Street ones are close


Stephanie said...

Looking very good & relaxed, dear Sandra. Love your story about your boots - I have a similar one but with the iconic Hermès Jumping Boots (and no, I'm not there yet.....)

LittleS said...

Thank you Stephanie! And here's to achieving our boot fitting goals! xxx

Heather said...

Very cozy! I'm wearing my Joseph shearling non-stop at the moment: where is Spring??

Pam said...

R U OK? Concerned about your radio silence. Hope all is well.