Friday casual... Bring on Spring!!

I know what you are going to say: it has been ages... I know. I wish I could give you an update on some grand project that has kept me busy etc. but the reality is I've just been busy with life: children, fitness, work (lots and lots of work), and, something a little new to me: networking...

I have never been one to build relationships for the sake of knowing people, usually it's been a side-effect of work or friendships, so networking doesn't come to me naturally, but I've been pushing myself and I am becoming better at it! Especially as it is quite enjoyable! You should try it...

With all this, Spring has sprung in London, although you wouldn't believe it if today's weather is anything to go by. I woke up to pouring rain and it seems I will go to bed listening to it drop on my window panes. Hence the coat and cashmere top. Still, I don't like to surrender to the elements so obviously I had to wear sandals today.

Reason would have suggested boots, or at least closed toe shoes, but it felt like a blocked-heel sandal would be a much better fit for today's super long flared jeans. I guess, in the interest of full disclosure, I should point that I don't walk much in my commute, as I drive my car into the closed car park at work and then just walk around the building and surrounding galleries of Canary Wharf... otherwise the bottom of my jeans would have been positively soaked through.

About my jeans, I am finding myself deviating a little bit these days from my usual cuts: I still adore my skinnies, but this season I am also craving flares, either super long or semi cropped. I can't say they make me look very tall, but they are a great change and I like the 1970s feel of the long flares.

Accessories-wise, I went super-size. First with my new cashmere and silk shawl from Hermès: it's called Tyger Tyger, it's from the SS2016 collection, and it features a gorgeous tiger. It's still not my grail Tigre Royal, but I fell in love with the green and bronze colours, they are such a perfect match for so many of my Summer classics, I couldn't pass on it.

Second, with my Thela bag by Meli Melo. I had been lusting after this bag for a few months (a strategy I now use a lot since making a couple of costly bag purchase mistakes a while back) and recently got it from the Notting Hill studio. It's quite unique with it's inverted handle position, and the shoulder strap makes handling the large size super practical. I had originally planned to get the Medium size, but the Large is simply perfect for me, it's great for everyday hauling of all my little bits and bobs.

For more details on today's outfit, see below:
- Boot flare jeans in dark wash, Paige Denim
- Cashmere tee-shirt in khaki, J.Crew Collection
- Camel cape, mine is from a few seasons ago at Max Mara, this one at Hobbs is close
- Cashmere and silk shawl, Tyger Tyger by Hermès
- Handbag,  Thela in Tan, large size, by Meli Melo
- Leopard print pony-skin sandals, Vanessa Bruno


Anonymous said...

Sandra, your outfit looks amazing! And your skin is simply stunninig! Do share the secrets please! And we deserve a blog post about that networking topic. Quite interesting, indeed! Greetings from Sofia, Greta

Anonymous said...

You look gorgeous! I love the outfit,it's fabulously styled.
Niti from Vancouver.

Garima said...