A do fit for a princess! Little Madame's Pink and Gold party

My little baby girl turned one a few weeks ago... The proverbial flying of the time is even crazier with the second child, I've barely had a moment to breathe since she came home from hospital (let's not even talk about the hundreds of un-albumed pictures that need to be organised, ahem). Anyways, we had a little party to celebrate this key milestone, and, as you can see below, it was a bit as if someone had emptied a can of pink paint all over the house!

I wanted to go for a sweet and girlie theme, something simple given she hasn't yet shown a keen interest in any particular story or cartoon character. I also thought about keeping everything very girly, seeing as with her love of her brother's toys she is bound to demand a Cars themed party soon... So it was decided: pink and gold, with lots of tulle, confetti, and, the little ones favourites: balloons.

Ordering for this party was actually quite easy... The cake and cupcakes were delivered by Crumbs and Doilies, who specialise in the cutest cupcakes and some pretty cool celebration cakes. I fell in love with the cake, which was ombre inside and out... There's a picture of a gorgeous slice somewhere on my Instagram, check it out, it was the most precious thing ever! It was complemented by adorable mini cupcakes, both normal and gluten free.

The decorations were very easy to match. I ordered most of the items online, from the pompoms to the confetti, but I did insist on making a few of the decorations myself, buying a few yards of tulle to make a garland and some ornaments for the table and the jugs. The tableware is from a Meri Meri collection, and it was very easy to combine with little milk bottles and their pink stripe straws... The kids loved it all (I think!).

Food-wise, I added some pink candy, such as marshmallow poles, they were both delicious and adorable (not to mention fat-free!). I managed to sneak into Dylan's Candy Store when I was last in New York, so that allowed me to get some extra pink goodies. Pepto-Bismol shades galore!

Drinks were a very classic choice of homemade iced tea or champagne (rose) for the adults, and juices (watered down to keep the sugar contents down... just in case the candy and cupcakes weren't loaded as it was!) for the little ones, and we had berries to cut through all the sweetness of the cakes. I love nothing more than showcasing party food and drinks in my favourite glassware, such as my vintage cake stands, but this time what I am particularly happy about is the cluster of milk glass studded goblets, aren't they just magical?

If I'm honest though, most of those were for my pleasure and that of our more grown-up guests, but the party girl herself did take more than a keen interest in her balloons. I had to improvise when a delivery of confetti balloons flaked (ha...) and bought some clear balloons which we filled with a mix of confetti before Hubby Dearest went to town with the helium. She absolutely adored them...

Almost as much as she loved the mini balloons we filled for the floor for her to play with... that, I am positive, was her favourite gift of the day. Just look at my happy baby playing with her balloons...

Voila, our party for our little princess, what do you think?

Just some ideas for a similar look:
- Confetti balloons, Pretty Little Party Shop
- Tulle pompoms, set of 3, Party Pieces
- Cake and cupcakes, Crumbs and Doilies


Anonymous said...

Absolutely fabulous! Den x

Longuette said...

Such an amazing party! you did it good!
Very pretty, feminine and stylish, just like you.

Looking at these pictures I got a little curious on your house...you have wonderful tastes, I am wondering how you have furnished/decorate your house :-)

Maybe a glimpse in a future post?

Much love

Anonymous said...

Nothing like throwing a party for a little girl - as a mum you can just go nuts :). My girls like pink and one of them saw this post - she really wants the cake now....

Looks like you had a great time and your baby is just adorable!

LittleS said...

Thank you so much everyone! Such lovely comments! @Ylenia, yes I will post some interior posts, just not immediately: the house is a bit of a mess at the moment! xxx

Anonymous said...

Oh, the last picture! You look lovely but the last picture has stolen my heart! Was it a professional photographer? All the best for your daughter. xxx isabel

Faux Fuchsia said...

just divine!!!

mark lawrence said...

This pink and golden party looks adorable! All party arrangements were amazing. We attended a similar joyful party at a party venue NYC and had wonderful time over there. Really liked their services as well as hospitality.

frifri63 said...

So late to the party! So precious seeing your baby and your fabulous taste from the clothes to the party theme etc...You look adorable with your baby girl! So inspiring, I have a party for an 11 year old to prepare next Saturday, any ideas??

LittleS said...

Hi everyone and thank you for your lovely comments!
@Isabel I actually took all the pictures myself, except for the one with me on it which was taken by Hubby Dearest.
@Freida, 11yo... mini disco? xx

Anonymous said...

I am just amazed by how you can pull it off at all levels (pro, sports, fashion, planning events...). How do u do it? I am a mom of two and I am NOT able to do what u do in a week. Do u not sleep :)?
Love the pics and would love also to have some posts on how u furnish your house.