Sunshine at my feet... good mood guaranteed

Let's face it, classic corporate fashion for women is pretty uninspiring, from the ill-fitting "power dresses" to the boring pants and jacket suits, it's all very yawn... There are a few exceptions (The Fold for instance) but they are really limited.

Sadly this means one of two things usually: women either endure it and stick to a bland uniform, or they try to throw the corporate attire rulebook through the window, and suddenly go a little crazy and either turn up to the office dressed like they are read for the disco, or worst, a day lounging in their Uggs (true witnessed story)...

In my case, as you've probably figured out by now, I don't really follow the style rules, not the ones of fashion magazines (they are written with 40kg giraffes in mind, I'm sure) nor the ones that the dinosaurs of the finance world seem to have engraved in their cob-webbed minds. Instead, I've found my own way, and it seems to work, at least I like to think so and so far there have been no major faux-pas.

Last Thursday's outfit is very typical of how I pick my clothes: I usually start with the shoes... Of course, it doesn't matter much to me that the weather in London at the moment means furry boots would have been more suitable (ha, the irony!), there is always a certain time in the year where I decide it's time for open toe shoes with intricate detailing, and I think this year I got to that moment around the end of March. Thought to self: look into moving to Miami or continue to accept having permanently cold feet.

These sandals are absolutely wonderful, comfortable yet so cool with the cut-outs and the lacing in the front. I fell in love with their sunny colour and I love how they literally perk up any outfit. Jeans, a plain dress, or in this case, what could have been a very drab grey outfit.

This outfit is very comfortable and easy with the wool culottes and the cropped cotton sweater, but it would have been extremely dull had I not added the accessories. The shoes of course are an instant focus which draws the eye down, but I also made sure the accessories above ankle height were fabulous. My little Sac De Jour continues to be a favourite, I love the little structured look, it's classic and modern at the same time, and the smooth leather is to die for, especially in the navy. This size doesn't fit much to be honest, a bit like the Birkin 30, but how cute is it!?

Beyond a great handbag and some fabulous shoes, the best way to make an outfit interesting in the workplace is a wonderful scarf or shawl. Mine is one of my favourite designs by Hermès, it's called Portes du Palais, and I had it in the 90cm silk version in a couple of colours, but when it came in the large cashmere and silk version, I fell in love with this colour, it's just so fresh and makes the beautiful design all the more delicate-looking, not to mention this is a perfect year-rounder, which is a bit crucial given the price these babies have hiked to in recent years.

Obvioiusly the unseasonal chill of the last few days meant it was impossible to consider going without a jacket or a coat, so I opted for a double-breasted jacket, an oldie from a few years ago. It rounds up the blue pieces and keeps me warm, result!

Outfit details below:
- Grey high-waisted culottes, Club Monaco
- Grey crop knit top, ASOS
- Navy calf leather small Sac De Jour, Saint Laurent
- Yellow lace-up cut-out sandals, Rupert Sanderson
- Cashmere and silk shawl, Portes du Palais (SS2015), Hermès

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