Baking brownies with Little Monsieur, the healthy way

If you have followed me these last few months, you know I've started a new journey where I'm trying to be healthier and fitter, working out  more and trying to favour healthier choices (most times...) Still, this doesn't mean I am ready to switch to a diet of herbs fit only for a rabbit. I still like meat (organic please), wine (French preferably), and of course I have a life-long love story with carbs that just isn't going to go away because I've decided I'm going to stick to one size only in my wardrobe: 10.

Thankfully the world abounds with healthy living cooks and instagrammers, some better than others, so it's easy to switch to healthier recipes for all the things I love. Sadly though, most clean-food desserts I've tasted have been quite revolting (I won't get into the details but as healthy becomes the new foodie, I have had my share at dinner parties...) but there are some exceptions...

So far, my favourite health-food blogger / writer has got to be Saskia Gregson-Williams, aka Naturally Sassy. She is all about eating what's good for you but also what tastes good... I love her blog and her Instagram feed, which lacks the professional editing and the deliciously boring self-infatuation that have annoyed me to no end with some other posters. Seeing as I don't go on social media to suffer other people's smugness with their perma-edited lives ("I only eat sugar-free locally sourced snacks..." of course we believe you!), I had to trim down my list of follows over time... Thankfully with Naturally Sassy, it's all about wonderful recipes that are truly amazing.

These are called her Best Vegan Brownies, they are dairy free, refined sugar free, gluten free and egg free, and yet despite all of this, they totally deserve their name. Absolutely a-ma-zing. In fact, a few weeks ago I took a box into work thinking I'd offer the girls a healthy snack, but in the end everyone had some and the junk-food loving guys couldn't get enough of these...

What's inside? Dates for sweetness, chia seeds for proteins and to make this a filling snack, nut butter for smoothness, etc. For the full recipe, you'll have to go to her blog (you might find it difficult to leave after a bit though,...): find the recipe here. It literally takes no more than 20 minutes of prep, and that's including chopping the dates and getting the chia seeds ready.

Little Monsieur and I love making this recipe together, it's so fool proof, and it tastes truly scrumptious. He enjoys it with a scoop of nice cream, which I created for him: frozen banana, coconut milk, some lucuma powder, and a little bit of organic vanilla powder, blended until the  perfect smooth consistency. Bon appetit!

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