Back from a work trip and on to Heartcore

Unlike leisurely jet-setters, trophy wives and other time-rich gym bunnies, one of the biggest issues about my journey to a fitter me is that I need to fit (ha!) my workout sessions around a totally hectic work schedule. I often take flights and trains at the crack of dawn, and back again the other way well after most people's bedtime.

On the days when I am in London, I try to squeeze Psycle sessions before my morning meeting, Pilates classes after the children's bedtime, etc just so I can manage to spend a little time with my adorable little munchkins. So, as the phrase goes, the struggle is real!

Sometimes, I am lucky to catch an early return home, and when I do the temptation to roll around with the little ones and muck about is strong, but these days, with the days until bootcamp dwindling fast to single digits, my willpower has seen a real uptick and that's exactly how I found myself exchanging my Roger Viviers for Nikes on Wednesday night: it was time to hit the reformer!

It was a hot day in London, so I reached for my favourite leggings of the moment, with the double mesh panels and the lighter fabric they feel great even in a warm room! They feel amazing on, with tight compression which I need to feel comfortable working out (I don't like to feel lose around the legs). The fabric is sweat-wicking, which means they are perfect for Psycle, Power Yoga... In fact, I love them so much I'm considering ordering another colour, although my leggings collection is starting to be a bit large...

As usual I layered up top, that's my usual look: full support sports bra, long halter top (to cover my wobbly bottom!), and cropped tee. I topped it off with a lightweight jacket as it was overcast and raining on and off, with its leopard print this one is pretty distinctive, it has a little cinching around the waist at the back so it has a feminine shape, and it's lined in super soft jersey, so it's my perfect Spring go-to when I'm off to the gym.

I wore my favourite Nike trainers (in fact I love these trainers so much I ordered my 2016 NikeID in the same pattern!) and decided to go for a playful bow on my head by tying one of my silk scarves. It made for a little change from my usual high ponytail!

Full outfit details below:
- Leggings with mesh inserts, Lululemon
- Grey shirt-tail tank top, Victoria's Secret Sport
- White crop top in textured jersey, Sweaty Betty
- Leopard-print sport jacket, School Rag
- Photosynthesis trainers, Nike
- Falabella grey bag, Stella McCartney


Anonymous said...

u are truly an inspiration for working women .. love the vibes of your blog... i share ur likings for these nike shoes .. .. lots of love n happiness to u

LittleS said...

Dear Anonymous, thank you so much for your lovely words! I am so happy when someone comments on here to say they are enjoying my little musings. xo. S

Anonymous said...

Hey If you dont mind can you share with me the Pattern of your nikeid Shoes.. Im getting in Air Zoom , not in lunar and which combi are you buying..

Anonymous said...

Those leggings... drool!