TLP fashion edit: Beachwear essentials for a sartorially perfect vacay

We have all been there... you wait through June and July to wave good bye to the city and take that long awaited holiday, only to find that, of course, you have nothing to wear... It doesn't matter that your wardrobe is full of clothes, including so many that qualify as beachwear one would think you live in Hawaii, the fact is, it's nice to go on a little shopping spree to buy just one new swimsuit isn't it?

The issue is, you get to V (for vacation) day minus 5 and as you browse the shops you get hit by sales sickness (aka the feeling you get when contemplating endless racks of disorganized mis-sized garments... or am I the only one who gets that?). You turn left and there's the new collection, all cashmere coats and beautiful leathers... That's great, but not really what you're in the mood for, right?

Thankfully, that is just one occasion when shopping online comes in handy! I love it. You can browse online by colour, size etc. but also there is a Summer shop section in most shopping websites these days, making it really easy to find your new favourite beachwear essentials. These are a few I found today...

Clockwise, starting top left:
- Pompom raffia bag, Muzungu Sisters
- Cut-out print swimsuit with laced back, Mara Hoffman
- Emerald green cover-up dress, Heidi Klein
- Probably the best SPF in the market, Strong Sun Body Lotion by Institut Esthederm
- Pink flip flops, classic, Havaianas
- Acetate sunglasses, Diane Von Furstenberg

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