Denim jumpsuit... effortlessly cool or just a glorified boiler suit?

I have a thing for jumpsuits... Which is odd, seeing as the look, done wrong, can make anyone look like a babygro-ed toddler... For instance, if you try wearing one which is fitted at the ankles with trainers, then you are pretty close to toddler look territory, just saying... Also let's not forget the undeniable awkwardness of going to the bathroom when you are wearing one (my advice: drink little, so as to minimise the need to visit the loo). But, if you are able to look beyond the evident perils of a jumpsuit, then you will see, like me, that it is the perfect hybrid between a dress and trousers.

Like a dress, a jumpsuit takes away the need to think through matching separates, it's a perfect one piece outfit on its own, and can be accessorized up or down depending on the occasion. But, like trousers, a jumpsuit is a little more practical and easy to maneuver than a dress. Obviously if you've been following me a while you also know that I adore culottes, so of course this jumpsuit, with its wide legs and the shorter hemline, was a foregone conclusion. And, by the way, the denim cotton is super light, unlike some other denim jumpsuits and boiler suits I've seen, so it's perfect for warm Summer days.

It also looks quite neat underneath an aran jumper, so I am sure you will see it here when the cold returns to London, which can't be too long now... we've had two weeks of uninterrupted good weather after all and as you know I love Autumn so I for one can't wait!

The simplicity of a jumpsuit means you only need shoes and a bag and you're ready to go... I have confessed to my obsession with block heel sandals recently, so practical for my new life of running around everywhere (in this particular occasion, to lunch with a friend, it's my new kind of busy, for this month at least). I love these, they are super light despite the block heel, and the ghillie detail is very now...

I finished it all off with my cream baby Marcie, a bag I usually reserve for outings with Little Monsieur and Little Madame (I love the hands free approach when I'm with them) but they are currently on vacation with my in-laws so it was just little old me for lunch... but still this bag looked good on the blue of the jumpsuit. And I tried wearing it on the shoulder rather than across the body, for a little change...

So, what do you think: denim jumpsuit? Yay or nay?

Before I go, here are the details for today's outfit:
- Denim belted jumpsuit, Club Monaco
- Cross-body mini Marcie bag, Chloé 
- Tan suede sandals with ghillie lacing detail, Dune 
- Tortoiseshell style sunglasses, Céline


Gilda said...

Like to see you Sandra, you look very good and the outfit gorgeous as always

LittleS said...

Thank you so much darling. xxx

frifri63 said...

Hi Sandre, I am so late but I have a lot of catching up to do...absolutely fabulous and very Chloé in this outfit, j'adore! Hugs
Freida xox

Jordan Parks said...

I am way late commenting on this post, but just had to share my thoughts and struggles with jump suits.

First, love this jumpsuit and your execution. It has a subtle 70's flare and you make it look effortless. I personally love jumpsuits and how they can be casual all the way up to party wear. But sadly, jumpsuits do not seem to like me. I am not exceptionally tall, just a little over average, but I have a long torso. Tops with defined waist lines are already difficult for me, let alone clothing that seems to be cut for someone with a shorter trunk. Here in the southern U.S. rompers are very popular in the summer months and though I have tried, I can never find one that does not create a scandalous look. So, I have given up on jumpsuits and rompers and have accepted admiring them on others.

My long winded way of saying you look fantastic in the jump suit and I am so envious that you can wear one!