Purple reign... An outing to Mayfield Lavender Farm

Lately, I've been trying to explore more things around London, to make the most of the Summer days and ensure my little ones are entertained between their different holidays. In recent days we've been to Tate Britain, London Zoo, the numerous parks around our house, and, something new for us: Mayfield Lavender Farm.

We had woken up to a beautiful sunny day and I had heard that the lavender flowers are in full bloom this time of the year, so we packed our little monkeys into the car and down to the Surrey hills we went, to find 25 acres of beautiful lavender, with the most amazing colours and smell. I am very much in need of zen lately, and just walking around the aromatically filled rows of flowers left me in a much calmer place.

Both Little Monsieur and Little Madame had a great time, with our youngest intent on catching one of the bees we encountered at the farm, it was so cute! She was literally running around the flowers! Little Monsieur was determined to buy some local lavender honey ("to taste the lavender flowers perfume") but sadly the shop had sold out... Maybe next time.

I took the opportunity to shoot some new pictures of the children... after all it's not every day that we find ourselves in such a picture-perfect place. Luckily we got there quite early, as by 11:30 the rows of lavender were filled with similarly excited families, and it would have been impossible to take the pictures we did without sharing the portraits of other lavender aficionados in the process...

Outfit-wise I tried to keep it quite simple, to let the vibrant colours of the fields speak. Both Little Madame and I wore white, which looks great in contrasting with the rows of lavender. I accessorized with a very buccolic basket (which I've owned for almost a decade!) and some gold lace-up flat sandals...

By the time we finished our pictures and little walk-about, Little Monsieur had built up quite an appetite, and we enjoyed the little barbecue on offer at the cafe. It was quite nice, although I wish they offered a few veggie salads as sides instead of the ubiquitous crisps... The atmosphere was laid-back and friendly, and the crowd a reflection of the diversity of London that I love.

It did seem to me that the food on offer for afternoon tea might have been a little more interesting, with lavender flavoured cakes and scones, but I'm not sure I'd been very happy with the huge crowds had we come for tea: by the time we left around 1pm, we drove past long queues of cars and people waiting to gain entrance, meaning a very busy afternoon at the farm!

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Noor said...

Gorgeous photos Sandra, seems like you all had a fun time. x

Anonymous said...

Such vivid colours! I would have never guessed this was so close to London. One for my list! Thank you! Lauren

Anonymous said...

That picture of you and your baby girl is fabulous, bless! Kiera

Amy said...

This is amazing S.!!! Who would have thought this is so close to London?! Amy