TLP foodie notes: Street food galore at Street Feast in Dalston Yard

Let's be honest... My usual week-end meals out usually revolve around some healthy children friendly options, usually not too far from Parsons Green. That's one of the joys of having to juggle a busy family schedule of birthday parties, extra-curricular classes, work-outs, and generally not liking to schlep it across town with the little ones (and assorted paraphernalia) in tow. Sadly though, this often means missing out on a lot of fun foodie events, such as street food markets, which tend to happen a bit further East.

Sometimes though, Hubby Dearest and I get lucky: this week-end the kiddies were still in Brittany with their grandparents, so we took my little Smart over to Hackney, and spent a glorious early evening at Street Feast London, in Dalston Yard.

Street Feast takes place every Summer in London (currently in four different locations, all of them with an E in the post code, so dear Westerners like me, get moving!), and right now there are 5 week-ends left for Dalston Yard, after which it will be closed, and apparently this location won't be re-opened next Summer, which is a shame because it's a truly cool setting.

The place itself is quite fantastic. Think upcycled urban junk-yard cum food truck parking lot. There are little food stalls dotted the yard, where you can buy all sorts of delicious street food: lobster buns, burger sliders, mini naans, sashimi etc. etc. Drinks are offered by 12 different bars, including a wine garden, a rum shack and a pretty cool tequila tree house where we met the sweetest girl from Barcelona, serving Margaritas and Piña Coladas.

All of the portions are relatively small, although they are definitely bigger than finger food. In my mind most were the perfect size to eat with my hands, standing. The only exception was the barbecued pork rib which Hubby Dearest insisted on having as a pre-dessert, that was huuuuge! But then I am not very big on pork so I didn't have this particular installment of our stall tour.

Our favourites of the evening were the Ahi tuna tacos from Bob's Lobster, and the perfectly spiced naan sliders by Rola Wala, though the dessert of fried Vietnamese bun and coconut and pandan ice cream was pretty legendary as well. Basically, reading between the lines, you can guess we sampled about half of the food on offer, and had a perfect little pig-out, as shown by our aching stomachs at the end of the evening, but boy was it worth it.

Drink-wise, I must admit I've had better than what we had here (the Caipirinha at the main bar was quite forgettable), but then Hubby Dearest's Tequila Piña Colada was lovely, if you like iced sweet cocktails, which I do, as long as there is a hot tropical beach in the vicinity. Admittedly we didn't try the wine bar, which advertised fine wines... Maybe another time.

Highlights of the evening, besides the food of course, will have to be the atmosphere, a mix of urban, cool, boho and overall bon-vivant ambiance which is hard to find closer to our SW home... The crowd here was definitely more laid-back, less about showing-off, more about enjoying the moment... we should come here more often, is what I was left thinking.

Like the sound of this? You have until the end of September to try it out, and remember a number of the stalls are under high glass roofs, meaning you don't get wet should you suffer from a little end of Summer rain...

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Anonymous said...

I have been wanting to check this out all Summer! Finally made it following reading your post, it was delicious! Gays