Khaki in Chelsea

Even at the week-end, I love working out early... it gets it out of the way to leave the day free for lots of fun afterwards but also it means that there are less people around the class or gym, and that's always a good thing. On Saturday, I went to Psycle's first class with the lovely Danni, and then made my way with plenty of time for breakfast at The Good Life Eatery in Chelsea with a dear friend. All before 11:00, result!

I know the fashion is for people to stay in their "athleisure" gear after class, and sometimes I do the same (in fact I'm sitting in my kitchen right now writing this post in the same clothes I did my Pilates class in this morning), but I get so sweaty after Psycle that I prefer to shower and change completeley before leaving the studio.

As some of you who've been reading me for a while, I love khakis and camels... So this outfit is exactly the type of outfit I gravitate towards during summer.

As someone who has always been challenged in the height department (except maybe my first year as according to my parents I was "very big"... let's hope that's meant as a good thing), I adore heels of course, but I think lately I'm liking wedges a little more.

They are just far easier to navigate the endless shuttling duties to and from the club, the mummy coffees and the park outings I have been dedicating most of my days to these last few weeks. I know what you're thinking: this used to be about stiletto style, soon enough this will be filled with pictures of me traipsing West London in some SW Cocos by Russell Bromley (google them, you'll get my drift)... And whilst we can never say never, let me tell you that is a prospect that makes me shudder inside. Don't worry. For now, I'll still aim to dress my age, not my grandmother's!

The rest continues along the same theme of cool comfort, perfect for a muggy day out. I love the light tan suede jacket, a find from last year but a piece that Massimo Dutti repeats every season, with a few variations. It's ultra light, meaning it's the ultimate Summer cover up, and it looks far more expensive than it really was...

Underneath I'm wearing my khaki broderie anglaise top by Isabel Marant, again from last year, but it's one of my favourites for Summer, which is a good thing as this is exactly the type of piece where you need high number of wears to lower the cost-per-wear... ahem...

The rest you've seen me wear before: my beloved Etoupe Lindy, with the Tyger Tyger shawl draped over...

More details on this outfit:
- Ankle grazing khaki trousers, Theory,
- Suede draped jacket, Massimo Dutti, check out this Mango one for a close look
- Khaki top with ruffle and eyelet details, Isabel Marant
- Espadrille wedge sandals, Sante Shoes
- Lindy handbag and Tyger Tyger cashmere and silk shawl, Herm├Ęs


Emilia said...

Looking great Sandra! I am loving the wedges!

Anonymous said...

Ah, you're killing me- I love my Stuart Weitman wedges :D. I have corkswoons(which is what we call them in the US), but the best version is the York, because it's not as high.

Still love ya ;)

LittleS said...

Ha! I knew someone would call me out on that one! I am sure you wear yours beautifully though, and thanks for the love, right back at you! xx

Alina said...

These colours look great on you S. And you are looking younger every post! What is your secret?!