Out to the farmers market in my camo jacket

As I write this post I am doing a little celebratory dance in my head (or maybe not just in my head, but then again I am not sure I want to admit to this advanced state of crazy...) to welcome the first day of Autumn... I am so looking forward to days spent lazily strolling around London's parks with their fiery colours and crispy leaves breaking under my feet, the casserole dishes I'll cook up for friends and family, and of course new season fashion (you were waiting for this one, admit it). Last Sunday we got a little preview of Autumn with a slightly colder day than usual, so let's consider this my first outfit post for the new season...

I woke up on Sunday morning with a slight buzz in my head, the effect of an evening well spent with friends the night before, and nothing at all to do with the numerous champagne flutes I'd had, surely... So following my usual routine of gym then breakfast then kids activities was just not going to happen... Instead, I brewed myself a strong pot of coffee, cooked the kiddies a glorious breakfast of waffles, fruit and juices (as documented on my Instagram...), whilst Hubby Dearest went for a workout: clearly he has a stronger composition than me, I swear I couldn't have faced an elyptical machine! After that, there was a strong pull to go back to bed in my PJs with my two little munchkins and turn over to my favourite helper for the direst times: Nanny Disney. But, as you can gladly see from these pics, I pulled through, got dressed and went to the local farmers market to pick up some homegrown goodies!

Though it is tempting to go out in one's PJ's, it doesn't make for very good OOTD material, unless you're an 9 feet tall model-like waif, which evidently I have given up on becoming about twenty years ago when my height plateau'd at 5''1... but more to the point in my case: my mother would be absolutely horrified (I should probably capitalise that) to see how far down I'm letting myself go, and since she is probably one of my two regular readers, the other one being my devoted husband, I couldn't really do that, could I?

Instead, I opted for my most trusted and comfy skinny jeans (these are high-waisted, which is great for days when things aren't as tip-tight as they need to be...), and layered up top with some pretty laid-back but still interesting tops, especially my embroidered sweatshirt and my too cool for school camo jacket. Accessories-wise it was kept very low-key, with my favourite flats of the moment and a super large tote bag Little Sis' gave me a few Christmasses ago... ideal to pack all the organic produce from the market, right?

Outfit details below:
- Camouflage jacket with drawstring waist, Pull & Bear
- Dark wash skinny jeans, Frame Denim
- Embroidered sweat-shirt, Anthropologie
- Canvas and leather Cappuccino bag, Meli Melo
- Leo lace-up ballerina flats, Isabel Marant


Anonymous said...

Love this look, you look really relaxed S! Keep up whatever you are doing! Champagne, workouts... xo. Marina

Fanny said...

You are killing me with the shoes!!! I love them! Might have to order a pair... Bisous